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<html newsdate="2014-02-11">
<title>Three things to do on The Day We Fight Back</title>
<h1>Three things to do on The Day We Fight Back</h1>
This Tuesday is <a href="">a day to fight
back</a> against mass surveillance, and here at FSFE we're proud to be
part of the struggle.</p>
<p>Mass surveillance is a huge problem. Governments are spying on you,
endangering the very fabric of democracy. Corporations are asking you
to deal away your privacy for a little convenience, with much the same
<p>Mass surveillance is also a hard problem to solve. Essentially, we
are up against a very human fear of dangers hidden somewhere in the
dark. We're being told that surveillance will protect us.</p>
<p>Our task is to make everyone understand that surveillance not only
fails at protecting us. It also makes everyone worse off in the long
run. Difficult, but we have to start somewhere.</p>
<p>So here are three humble suggestions for small steps you can take
to secure a democratic future for our societies:</p>
<li>Make your web browsing more secure by installing
the <a href="">HTTPS
Everywhere</a> extension in your browser. This will make it much
harder for potential snoopers to intercept your connection with the
web sites you look at, and will help to protect any data you send
<li>Generate a GPG key, and start using it to encrypt your data,
especially your
email. (There's <a href="">help</a>
on the web.)</li>
<li>Write to one or more of your political representatives. Explain
that you are deeply concerned about mass surveillance, and ask them to
help end the practice. Be polite, brief and clear.</li>
<p>See, that wasn't so hard. You have not only made yourself a
little more secure, you have also helped others to improve their
privacy, and have contributed to driving political change. Thank
<p>Here's a fourth thing you can do: Support FSFE
by <a href="/fellowship/">joining the
Fellowship</a>. FSFE is dedicated to working for freedom in the
digital society. We need your help to carry this struggle forward in
the years to come.</p>
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