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  2. <html newsdate="2013-06-20">
  3. <head>
  4. <title>As Microsoft repeal some Xbox restrictions, more apply to other products</title>
  5. </head>
  6. <body>
  7. <h1>As Microsoft repeal some Xbox restrictions, more apply to other products</h1>
  8. <p newsteaser="yes">Faced with user protests, Microsoft has been forced to
  9. make the terms for its latest Xbox gaming console <a
  10. href="">look a little less
  11. restrictive</a>. However, the “new” terms which had caused
  12. such outrage were not in fact new at all: they were similar to most other
  13. proprietary software licences, including those covering other Microsoft
  14. software products and on-line services.</p>
  15. <p>Restrictions on selling, sharing and gift-giving appear, for example, in
  16. the Windows 7 and Office 2013 licences. Similar restrictions will continue
  17. to apply to the Xbox one in that <a
  18. href="">"downloaded titles cannot be
  19. shared or resold"</a>. Geographic restrictions can also apply to Office
  20. 2013, along a class action waiver. Gamers who were angered by the invasive,
  21. inadequate and mandatory 24 hour check-in and Kinect voice/motion sensor
  22. may be similarly angered by the clause demanding “you must comply with any
  23. technical limitations in the software that only allow you to use it in
  24. certain ways. You may not work around any technical limitations in
  25. the software” in the <a href="">Windows 7 licence</a>.</p>
  26. <blockquote><p>“Even after reversing course on some of the more egregious
  27. Xbox One terms, Microsoft still leaves its users wearing digital
  28. handcuffs,” says Karsten Gerloff, FSFE's president. “We encourage
  29. everyone to choose Free Software instead, and break free of these
  30. restrictions.”</p></blockquote>
  31. <blockquote><p>“While proprietary licenses restrict your freedom, Free Software
  32. always guarantees that you can use the software for any purpose, to study
  33. how it works, to share it with others, and modify it to your needs” says
  34. Matthias Kirschner, FSFE's Head of Public Awareness. “Users should not
  35. have to beg for these rights.”</p></blockquote>
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  38. <a href="/graphics/xbox-infographic.png">
  39. <img src="/graphics/xbox-infographic.png" alt="" /></a>
  40. <p>It is still unclear what exactly the full license will or will not
  41. contain, for example, mention of the Class Action Waiver has been removed,
  42. but no statement has been made to repeal it.</p></div>
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