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<html newsdate="2013-05-03">
<title>International Day Against DRM: fight deliberately crippled technology</title>
<h1>International Day Against DRM: fight deliberately crippled technology</h1>
<p>This Friday, May 3rd 2013, FSFE is joining the 8th international <a href="">"Day against DRM"</a> campaign in the call to end <a href="">Digital Restrictions Management</a> (DRM). The fight against DRM has been gathering momentum in the past weeks. Freedom activists rallied against DRM in HTML5, stressing this technology's harmful effects on innovation and user's freedom. On today's Day Against DRM, our sister organisation the Free Software Foundation will deliver the petition signatures opposing DRM in HTML5 to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)in Boston.</p>
<p>You still have a few hours to take action: join FSFE, FSF and 25 other organisations defending digital freedom by signing the <a href="">petition against DRM in HTML5</a>.</p>
<p>By accepting to implement DRM in HTML5, W3C would endanger interoperability and open the door to the implementation of restrictive technologies in the heart of the internet.</p>
<p>Device manufacturers and corporate copyrights holders have already been massively infecting their products with user-hostile DRM. Tablets, mobile phones and other minicomputers are sold with numerous restrictions embedded that cripple users freedom. The proposal at table in W3C goes even further.</p>
<p>DRM creates <a href="">damaged goods</a> that users cannot control or use freely. It requires users to give-up control of their computers and restricts access to digital data and media. Fight it: use today's international Day against DRM to spread the word and make yourself heard!</p>
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