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<html newsdate="2012-09-21">
<title>FSFE introducing "Supporters" and two small tasks for you</title>
<h1>FSFE introducing "Supporters" and two small tasks for you</h1>
It's now possible to become a public <a href="">supporter of FSFE</a>.
This allows you to easily show that you
care about Free Software and support the FSFE's activities.
<p>a) FSFE needs a better way to measure how many people care about Free
Software issues, and b) FSFE wants to be able to demonstrate how many
people support our mission. Other organisations do this with by using
Facebook "friends", and Twitter "followers", but FSFE does not wish to
force anyone to register for an external service to show that they
care about <strong>our mission</strong>.
<h2>What does it mean?</h2>
Becoming a Supporter does not cost anything, and Supporter names and
e-mail addresses will not be released. Only the total number of
supporters will be published. Supporters may receive occasional
important information from us, at most three times a year. As before,
they can subscribe to
<a href="/news/newsletter.html">our newsletter</a>,
discuss ideas on FSFE's public mailing lists,
make a <a href= ""> one-time donation </a>, and
<a href="">join the Fellowship </a>.
<h3>Two things you can do to help FSFE in less than 10 minutes:</h3>
<strong>1.</strong> <a href="">Become a supporter!</a> <br />
<strong>2.</strong> Ask your friends and colleagues -- by e-mail, social networks, or in
person -- if they also want to become a supporter. You can e.g. use an
URL like <strong>"/support/?YourFellowshipLoginName"</strong> for this.
This way you can see who you've encouraged to subscribe
at <strong>"/support/stats?ref_id=YourFellowshipLoginName"</strong>. You can
see the <a href="/support/stats">progress of supporter numbers</a>.
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