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<html newsdate="2012-04-05">
<title>Report of Document Freedom Day 2012</title>
<h1>Report of Document Freedom Day 2012</h1>
<p>Document Freedom Day 2012 was a great success!
<strong>America, Asia, Africa and Europe</strong> celebrated together
<a href="">Open Standards</a> at
<strong>54 events</strong>. It is no doubt that DFD is growing and we believe that it will be
even more successful next year. So what about having look at what happened around the world on
28th of March? And what has the Pope to do with Open Standards? Read our detailed report to find
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<p>DFD around the world</p>
<p>This year was
<strong>the most powerful</strong> DFD day in the history! And we are proud to say that. Our
<a href="">DFD team</a> and amazing volunteers managed
to get on board more than
<strong>50 local organisers</strong> all around
<a href="">the world</a>. One of the most
active countries that deserves our respect is Venezuela with 10 events in a single country. The
Document Freedom Day 2012 was celebrated in
<strong>22 countries</strong> and in
<strong>19 world languages</strong>. Our fifth year of organising this event got considerable
<a href="">press coverage</a> with almost
<strong>one hundred articles</strong>. All this was possible thanks to the support of our
<a href="">two main sponsors</a>, Google and Oracle,
and help of hundreds of volunteers and 38 partners spread in all the corners of the world.</p>
<p>So what did all of these people actually do to raise the awareness about the Document
<p><a href="">Read our detailed report on the DFD website</a> to find
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