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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  2. <html newsdate="2012-03-28">
  3. <version>1</version>
  4. <head>
  5. <title>Document Freedom Day 2012: Activists around the world celebrate Open
  6. Standards</title>
  7. </head>
  8. <body>
  9. <h1>Document Freedom Day 2012: Activists around the world celebrate Open
  10. Standards</h1>
  11. <p>Free Software advocates worldwide are today
  12. celebrating information accessibility and Open Standards. 48 events in 17
  13. countries are using demonstrations, talks and workshops to explain why <a
  14. href="/freesoftware/standards/standards.html">Open Standards</a> and Free Software are crucial to
  15. a free and competitive information society.</p>
  16. <p>A network of 34 international <a
  17. href="">partner organisations</a> are
  18. carrying this message to new audiences, from Cairo to Argentina, Poland to
  19. Taiwan, and the <a
  20. href="">
  21. European Parliament</a> to Aberystwyth University.</p>
  22. <p>"The growth of support for <a
  23. href="">Document Freedom Day</a> shows growing demand
  24. for accessible formats and unprejudiced standards" says Campaign Coordinator
  25. Matthias Kirschner. "Citizens, businesses, and politicians alike are calling for
  26. adoption of fairer and more compatible international standards". Prizes are
  27. being awarded this year by Document Freedom Day teams in <a
  28. href="/news/2012/news-20120328-01.html">Germany</a>, <a
  29. href="">Italy</a>, Slovakia and <a
  30. href="
  31. day-w-polsce">Poland</a>, to businesses and government offices which have
  32. recently adopted Open Standards within their organisations.</p>
  33. <p>Open Standards are a common language, publicly documented, that
  34. computer programs can speak. They are central to interoperability and freedom of
  35. choice in technology. Open Standards allow Free Software developers to create
  36. programs that can interoperate with other solutions, so users can migrate away
  37. from proprietary solutions.</p>
  38. <p>"Fresh support from celebrities like <a
  39. href="">Stephen Fry</a>,
  40. and major community groups such as Open Rights Group have introduced Open
  41. Standards to new groups this year" said Deputy Campaign Coordinator, Sam Tuke.
  42. "We are delighted by the response we have received, and the additional political
  43. impact Document Freedom Day has achieved".</p>
  44. <p>Document Freedom Day 2012 is facilitated by the Free Software
  45. Foundation Europe, and supported by <a
  46. href="">campaign patrons</a> Google
  47. and Oracle.</p>
  48. </body>
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  54. </html>
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