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<html newsdate="2012-03-23">
<title>DFD 2012 Events </title>
More than 30 events already registered in South-America, Africa,
Europe, Asia, and Oceania
This year's DFD is approaching fast, and we can already say that we
will have had a good year: More than 30 events have been registered in
South-America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. However, both we and
you could do a lot better, and there is still time to register and
organise an event. North-America, Africa, Oceania, and Asia
desperately need more events. Also, while Central Europe is well
covered, Europe's western, eastern, and northern parts could do with
additional events. To organise an event, you can gather ideas from the
highlighted events below, or take a look at our
<a href="">events page</a>.
<h2>DFD conference in European Parliament</h2>
The Greens/EFA parliamentary group is organising a DFD conference with
speakers from the European Commission, FSFE, April, Calibre, Communia,
and Bookeen on the 28th of March. The conference will focus on Open
Standards in the e-book market.
<h2>DFD prizes</h2>
On the 26th of March, FSFE will award the Slovak Committee for
Standardization of Information Systems of Public Administration to
recognize adoption of Open Standards for the entire Slovak public
administration. On the 31st of March, the city administration of
Arezzo, Italy will be awarded by the FSFE for their adoption of Open
Standards within the administration services and their communications
with the citizens.
<h2>Installation parties</h2>
Several events include LibreOffice installation parties. We would
recommend all event organisers to make GNU/Linux and LibreOffice
installation media available along with technical support. However, if
the event you plan to attend does not include an installation party,
you can always ask one of the attendees using Free Software for help
with the installation: They are usually really nice people.
<h2>Other possible activities</h2>
It is also possible to post posters across your town or city, hand out
materials about Open Standards in your local library or school, give
talks on Open Standards and Free Software, write a piece about the DFD
for your local newspaper, or simply support DFD by attending an event.
Should you now have a nice idea about what to organise on the DFD,
contact <a href="">the DFD team</a>,
we can offer you advice, limited financial support, and add your event
to the list.
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