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<html newsdate="2012-03-21">
<title>Handcuffs - DFD</title>
<h1>You suggest, we send handcuffs: Who needs education about standards?</h1>
<p>Do you know a certain politician who should really learn
more about Open Standards? Have you tried to explain the importance of Open
Standards to your boss, friends, local administration or service, but without
any results? Would support from the outside world help? Definitely! Inform
our Document
Freedom Day (DFD) team about your situation and we will send a free, remarkable
gift to your contact to help them learn more about the power of Open
<p>All you have to do is submit the name and postal address of the person
you'd like the DFD team to contact by <b>March 30</b>. The DFD team will then
deliver by post gratis Open Standards educational packages, consisting of a
short letter explaining the topic and - to symbolise proprietary standards -
<b>a pair of handcuffs!</b> The DFD team is planning to
send 100 packages, so submit your suggestion soon to be sure your contact will
receive their free materials. DFD packages will be sent on April 4, and you can
track shipment through our <a
href="http://documentfreedom.org/handcuffs/index.en.html">package tracking
map</a> on the right.</p>
<p>Your support directly increases the amount of packages sent. Any donation
above the amount of 10 EUR gives you the right to indicate the name of an
additional person who will receive our package. So, who needs education
about Open Standards? <a
href="http://documentfreedom.org/handcuffs/index.en.html">Tell us
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