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<html newsdate="2012-02-10">
<title>Join the protest against ACTA</title>
<h1>Join the protest against ACTA</h1>
ACTA, a multi-national treaty to enforce copyright and patents, is
threatening Free Software and freedom in the information society. It
endangers people's access to essential medicines. The treaty creates a
culture of surveillance and suspicion, and the way in which it was
negotiated is a mockery of proper democratic process.
On Saturday February 11, please join those of us across Europe and the
world who want to live in freedom, and protest against ACTA. There are
various ways to find out about a protest near you.
<li> Check the <a href="">Stop ACTA wiki site</a>.</li>
<li> A <a href="">Google map</a> of planned protests</li>
<li>ACTA group on <a href="">Reddit</a></li>
Read about how ACTA threatens Free Software on FSF
US's <a href="">ACTA page</a>, and
please consider signing
the <a href="">ACTA
ACTA is not the only threat. It is merely one building block in a wall
that is intended to lock us in and take away our freedom to share and
create knowledge. Other building blocks of this wall are the recently
revived IPRED2 Directive in the EU
(<a href="">PDF
of the European Commission's roadmap</a>), the SOPA/PIPA proposals in the
US, and
the <a href="">Transpacific
Partnership Agreement</a> (TPP).
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