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<html newsdate="2012-01-31">
<title>Fellows: Elect your GA representative in February</title>
<h1>Election period for a Fellowship seat in the GA in February</h1>
<p>During the whole of February 2012, FSFE's Fellows will be
able to elect their representative in FSFE's General Assembly. The
winner of the election will help FSFE's strategic decision making body plan the
future of the organisation, and will join <a
href="/about/people/roy/">Hugo Roy</a> who occupies
the other Fellowship seat <a href="/news/2011/news-20110301-01.html">since
2011</a>. Both Fellowship representatives are full <a
href="/about/team.html">members of the General Assembly</a> for a term of
two years, and have all the rights and obligations of other members.</p>
<li><em>Who can vote?</em> All registered Fellows can vote.</li>
<li><em>Election Platform</em> All candidates will use the <a
href="">wiki</a> and/or their <a
href="">blogs</a> as a promotion platform, so that
all Fellows can learn more about them.</li>
<li><em>Voting System</em> For the voting process we will use the Schulze
method, a popular voting system used by Debian, Wikimedia and others. It is a
well tested method and has proven to be resistant to voting anomalies.</li>
<p>All candidates who registered by the January 25th deadline are listed <a
href="">on the 2012 election website</a>. <a
href="">Fellows</a> will receive an e-mail to their
[login] e-mail alias. In that message, the voting URL and all other necessary
information is included. If you have questions, please <a
href="">contact the Fellowship
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