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<html newsdate="2011-12-13">
<title>Read about our work in 2011</title>
<h1>Read about our work in 2011</h1>
This was an exciting year for Free Software, and for FSFE. We fought
against software patents and the way they restrict Free Software and
competition. We helped to defend the GPL against those who would take
away our freedom to study and modify the software on our computers,
and worked on many other important issues.
FSFE turned ten years old in March this year. As much as an occasion
to ponder what we've achieved, this was an invitation to think about
all the things left to do. There are many challenges and threats ahead
for Free Software, and we are counting on your help to overcome them
and bring software freedom to everyone.
Please <a href="/donate/letter-2011.html">have a look at our 2011
summary</a>. If you like what you see, please <a
href="/donate/donate">donate</a>, so that we can
continue our work.
Thank you very much for your support! Let's work together to make the
world a better place with Free Software in 2012.
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