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  2. <html newsdate="2011-07-18">
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  4. <title>FSFE welcomes new Vice President, Legal Coordinator</title>
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  7. <h1>FSFE welcomes new Vice President, Legal Coordinator</h1>
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  9. At FSFE's General Assembly which took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on
  10. June 11, FSFE's members elected Henrik Sandklef as the organisation's
  11. Vice President. A computer scientist and GNU Hacker from Gothenburg,
  12. Sweden, Henrik has been active with FSFE since 2005. He takes over
  13. from Fernanda Weiden, who held the volunteer position for the past two
  14. years.
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  17. "It's great to be working side by side with Henrik. With one foot in
  18. the hacker community, the other in education, and a keen interest in
  19. software freedom, he is exactly the right person to support our work,"
  20. says FSFE's President Karsten Gerloff. The General Assembly also
  21. confirmed Karsten Gerloff as FSFE's President and Reinhard Müller as
  22. Financial Officer.
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  25. FSFE's legal team has expanded with the addition of Matija Šuklje as
  26. full time Coordinator, an expansion of his previous duties as
  27. volunteer Deputy Coordinator. "This is an excellent opportunity to
  28. build on the success of FSFE's legal work and our facilitation of the
  29. European Legal Network," says Matija, "I look forward to working
  30. closely with our partners to ensure clear, useful and timely legal
  31. knowledge and support is readily available to everyone using Free
  32. Software."
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  35. Matija is replacing Shane Coughlan, who assumes the role of Senior
  36. Advisor after five years managing and supporting FSFE's legal
  37. affairs. "I'm extremely grateful to Shane for the work he has done in
  38. building up FSFE's legal department, this team and the legal network,"
  39. says Karsten Gerloff.
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  41. <p>
  42. In the German country team, FSFE co-founder Bernhard Reiter passed on
  43. the torch after helping to build up the team for a decade. He iis
  44. replaced in the post of deputy coordinator by Torsten Grote.
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  46. <p>
  47. "Bernhard has done a tremendous job for ten years," says Matthias
  48. Kirschner, the team's coordinator. "Without his deep understanding of
  49. Free Software, his analytical mind and business sense, this team --
  50. and FSFE as a whole -- would not be what they are today."
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