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<html newsdate="2011-03-10">
<title>A decade of Freedom: FSFE turns 10</title>
<h1>A decade of Freedom: FSFE turns 10</h1>
Free Software Foundation Europe is ten years old this March. FSFE was
founded <a href="">in 2001</a>
as "an organization dedicated to Free Software activities in Europe" and
"the <a href="/about/fsfnetwork.html">official sister
organization</a> of the Free Software Foundation in the United States"
in Europe.
Today, FSFE <a href="/activities/activities.html">works</a>
across Europe and around the world. The organisation has grown into
a focal point for the European Free Software community and an
important voice for Free Software in politics.
"As we look back on a decade of hard work, we would like to thank
everyone who has helped to make FSFE what it is today. We have come
a long way, and we're immensely proud of what we have achieved
together," says FSFE's president Karsten Gerloff.
"Yet there is so much more work to do. If you love Free Software, we
invite you to <a href="">support</a>
FSFE, <a href="">help</a>
us with your time and skills, or join the
<a href="">Fellowship</a>!"
Throughout the month of March, we will highlight important events in
FSFE's history. Follow us on <a href=""></a>,
catch our <a href="/news/news.en.rss">RSS news feed</a>
and subscribe to our monthly
<a href="/news/newsletter.html">newsletter</a>
to stay informed.
Please read our <a href="/about/history/birthday10.html">excerpt of FSFE's history</a>.
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