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<html newsdate="2011-02-11">
<title>Declare your love to Free Software!</title>
<h1>Declare your love for Free Software!</h1>
Why not make this February 14th a very special Valentine's Day?
On Valentine's Day, FSFE calls on Free Software users
to <a href="/activities/ilovefs/index.html">show
their love for Free Software</a>. It is the perfect occasion to
show our love for Free Software and the possibility to use
computers in freedom.
On <a href="/activities/ilovefs/index.html">its
campaign page</a>, FSFE suggests what users can do to show that
they appreciate Free Software. Simply sending a developer a mail to
say “Thank you”, taking a picture illustrating one's love for Free Software,
declaring your love by <a href="">microblog</a>
with the tag #ilovefs or
<a href="">donating to a Free
Software project</a> is all among the options.
Behind every Free Software initiative and organisation are real, passionate hard-working people.
Just for one day, on Valentine's Day, FSFE invites all Free Software advocates around the world
to send a thank you message to the people that work to make Free Software happen.
"Without Free Software, there would be no KDE. Free Software gives KDE life.
KDE loves Free Software" declared Cornelius Schumacher, President of the KDE e.V.
"No Free Culture project would be able to enjoy the full freedoms without the infrastructure
created by Free Software projects[…]. To everyone engaged in supporting this infrastructure:
thank you! We love you!", adds Jonas Öberg of the <a href="">Society for
Free Culture and Software (Föreningen fri kultur och programvara)</a>
You can see what people have posted so far: <a href=""></a>. Add your own declaration there !
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