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<html newsdate="2011-01-13">
<title>FSFE concerned about Novell patent sale</title>
<h1>FSFE concerned about Novell patent sale</h1>
<p>Free Software Foundation Europe has written to the
German competition authorities in order to share its concerns about
the sale of Novell's patents to a consortium called CPTN, made up of
Microsoft, Oracle, Apple and EMC.</p>
<p>"If the sale of Novell’s patents to CPTN is allowed to go ahead,
this will significantly increase the legal threat level for Free
Software", says FSFE's President Karsten Gerloff in an <a
on the issue. </p>
<p>On December 22, 2010, FSFE wrote to the German competition
authorities with a <a
explanation</a> of the negative effect that the acquisition of
Novell's patents by CPTN would have for competition in the software
<p>"This case is yet another demonstration of how software patents make
life difficult for everyone in the software market", Gerloff
says. "And it provides yet another reason to continue <a
href="/activities/swpat/">FSFE's long-standing work
against software patents</a>.</p>
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