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<html newsdate="2011-01-13">
<title>New web design launched! Guide to features</title>
<h1>New web design launched!</h1>
<p>After months of work by FSFE's
<a href="/contribute/web/web.html">Web Team</a> a new
website design has been launched, bringing with it a fresh look, improved
infrastructure, and new features.</p>
<p>The process began more than a year ago, and several meetings,
including a <a href="">Web Sprint</a>
in Berlin last October, were necessary to produce the current version.</p>
<h2>New design</h2>
<p>The new design aims to be attractive as well as easier to navigate and
read. It is solidly based on FSFE's existing graphical
profile - colour schemes, fonts, and layout have been carefully chosen
to extend and build upon FSFE's logo, existing website design, and
corporate branding. Every thematic element is based on styles which
already exist within FSFE's media.</p>
<h2>New features</h2>
<div class="captioned right">
<img src="/graphics/donate-page.png" alt="Donate page screenshot"/>
New Donate page
<!--<div class="captioned right">
<a href="/">
<img src="/graphics/ical-feed-page.png" alt="ical feed screenshot"/>
Link in event feed to new iCal feed
<div class="captioned right">
<a href="/about/team.html">
<img src="/graphics/people-page.png" alt="People page screenshot"/>
New People page
<li><a href="webcal://">iCal feed</a>
of FSFE events and activities</li>
<li>Option to subscribe to FSFE newsletters in multiple languages</li>
<li>Tagging of news and events, allowing dynamic generation of
information feeds for specific topics (useful for country pages,
and topic home-pages such as 'EU News');
<a href="/contribute/web/">
documentation</a> added</li>
<li>Improved <a href="/contact/local.html">country teams contact
page</a>, including more information and links to team member
<li>Improved <a href="/about/team.html">people
page</a>, including avatars of team members</li>
<li>New meta-data storage and display system for
<a href="/freesoftware/standards/eifv2.html">published
articles</a> which consistently presents important article
<h2>Coming Soon</h2>
<p>Additional features soon to be added:</p>
<div class="captioned right">
<img src="/graphics/country-page.png" alt="Country page screenshot"/>
Example of a new Country page
<li>Home-pages for national FSFE teams, such as the German and British
teams, will be launched in the coming days, and shall include country
specific news and events feeds with iCal support, team member
information, and plugin support.</li>
<li>Improved Donate page with more payment options, and new payment
<li>Automated monthly donation options</li>
<li>Fully integrated fellowship and planet websites, including design,
structure, and sub-menu integration</li>
<li>Improved support for mobile devices and low resolution
<li>Improved Our Work / Projects page</li>
<h2>Make your mark with the Web Team</h2>
<p>FSFE's <a href="/contribute/web/web.html">Web Team</a> needs help! We
need new ideas and suggestions as well as developers, designers, and
translators to improve even further.</p>
<li>Sign up to the Web Team's
<a href="">mailing-list</a> to
read discussion about current and future changes, and submit your own queries
and comments</li>
<li>Submit bugs with the website to the <a href="">
Web issue tracker</a> (you can create a new account, and remember that your
usename will end with -guest)</li>
<li>Ask questions in real time in the Web Team's IRC channel:
<a href="irc://">#fsfe-web</a> on freenode</li>
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