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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  2. <html newsdate="2010-05-10">
  3. <version>1</version>
  4. <head>
  5. <title>Free Software Foundation Europe receives Theodor Heuss Medal</title>
  6. </head>
  7. <body>
  8. <h1>Free Software Foundation Europe receives Theodor Heuss Medal</h1>
  9. <h2>“Acting responsibly for a just and fair digital world”</h2>
  10. <p>
  11. Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) on Saturday received the <a
  12. href="">Theodor Heuss Medal</a> in
  13. recognition of its work for freedom in the information society. The medal
  14. is awarded once a year in Stuttgart by a non-partisan foundation named for
  15. West Germany's first president.
  16. </p>
  17. <p>
  18. "We will not gain our freedom in the information society without effort,"
  19. says Karsten Gerloff, FSFE's President. "Software is a central tool of our
  20. society. We need to make sure that we ourselves control this tool, so we
  21. are able to adapt it to our needs."
  22. </p>
  23. <p>
  24. Ludwig Theodor Heuss, chairman of the Heuss Foundation, highlighted the
  25. fact that software is a cultural technique. "Free Software Foundation
  26. Europe is making a highly competent contribution to the effort of building
  27. a new framework for digital freedom using Free Software."
  28. </p>
  29. <p>
  30. Since its founding in 2001, FSFE works to put the control of software into
  31. the hands of everyone. "This award for us is a very special recognition of
  32. our work, and a great encouragement to push even harder for the interests
  33. of users and developers," says Gerloff. "For this, we will need <a
  34. href="/contribute">a lot of support from many
  35. individuals</a>."
  36. </p>
  37. <p>
  38. During the ceremony in Stuttgart a wide range of prominent figures from
  39. politics and business were present. Among them were the former German
  40. president Richard von Weizsäcker and Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger,
  41. the minister of justice. In his award speech, Ludwig Heuss referred to
  42. organisations like FSFE as "the yeast in society's dough".
  43. </p>
  44. </body>
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  46. </html>
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