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  2. <html newsdate="2010-04-28">
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  5. <title>FSFE founder Georg Greve awarded German Cross of Merit</title>
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  8. <h1>FSFE founder Georg Greve awarded German Cross of Merit</h1>
  9. <p>Berlin 28. April 2010. Georg Greve, founding
  10. president of the Free Software Foundation Europe, has received the Cross
  11. of Merit on ribbon of the Federal Republic of Germany (Verdienstkreuz am
  12. Bande). Georg received this high award from the German President for his
  13. work on Free Software and Open Standards.</p>
  14. <p>"FSFE is very proud to have a 'knight' among its team," says FSFE's
  15. president Karsten Gerloff. "Georg's tremendous dedication to freedom in
  16. technology has been a driving force for Free Software in Europe and
  17. around the world. He has put Free Software on the political agenda, and
  18. has created the structures to harness the community's energy towards our
  19. common goals. His hard work over more than a decade has brought enormous
  20. progress for Free Software."</p>
  21. <p> With FSFE, Georg worked hard to create the understanding of Free
  22. Software as a cultural technique. He gave Free Software a <a
  23. href="/activities/policy.html">voice at the United
  24. Nations</a>, including the "World Intellectual Property Organization"
  25. (WIPO) and the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). With
  26. FSFE's Freedom Task Force, he was the architect for a centre of
  27. expertise on legal aspects of Free Software, and drove the concept of <a
  28. href="/activities/ftf/fla.en.html">legal
  29. maintainability</a> for Free Software projects. He <a
  30. href="">initiated</a>
  31. the community resistance against Microsoft's OOXML format, and worked on
  32. some of the first EU-funded projects for Free Software. Under Georg's
  33. leadership, FSFE was also a key player in averting the threat of
  34. software patents in Europe. </p>
  35. <p>"I'm deeply grateful for the official recognition that Free Software
  36. and Open Standards receive with this award", says Georg Greve. "Around
  37. 2000, I decided to dedicate myself fully to this cause out of a sense of
  38. necessity: I felt that I had glimpsed how software shapes our society.
  39. But I also saw that society had not yet understood how much it is shaped
  40. by software. It is my hope that this award will help to make people
  41. aware of these questions, and bring support for the work of FSFE, which
  42. is more important than ever."</p>
  43. <h2>About Georg Greve</h2>
  44. <p>Born on 10 March 1973 on the German island of Heligoland, Georg Greve
  45. has a classic scientific background as a physicist. He gained his
  46. interdisciplinary diploma in the field of nanotechnology at the computer
  47. science faculty of the University of Hamburg.</p>
  48. <p> He has been developing software since he was 12 years old. Besides a
  49. first publication of a program in a professional journal in 1991, coding
  50. partly paid for his studies when he managed the software development to
  51. evaluate SQUID-sensor data in the biomagnetometic laboratory in the
  52. University hospital of Eppendorf (UKE) in Hamburg, Germany. </p>
  53. <p> In 1993 he came in contact with Free Software and GNU/Linux. In
  54. 1998, Georg Greve became the European speaker for the GNU project. At this
  55. time, he also started writing the "Brave GNU World," a monthly column on
  56. Free Software published in the German Linux-Magazin and other magazines
  57. worldwide, as well as online in up to 10 languages. </p>
  58. <p>In early 2001, together with a group of dedicated people he
  59. initiated the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE), the first Free
  60. Software Foundation outside the United States of America and the largest
  61. transnational Free Software Foundation so far. Building and coordinating
  62. FSFE as a European non-governmental organisation was the focus of his
  63. work for most of the past decade.</p>
  64. <p> Having led FSFE for eight years, Georg Greve is now CEO of Kolab
  65. Systems, a Free Software business providing services around the Kolab
  66. Groupware Solution. He continues to be active amongst FSFE members and
  67. European core team. Happily married, he lives with his wife Ava in
  68. Küsnacht near Zürich.</p>
  69. <p>(See also Georg Greve's <a
  70. href="/about/people/greve/">profile</a> on FSFE's website, a
  71. <a href="">detailed
  72. interview with him</a>, and his <a
  73. href="">personal statement</a> about
  74. having been decorated with the Cross of Merit.) </p>
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