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<html newsdate="2010-03-30">
<title>Open Standards under threat in Europe </title>
<h1>Open Standards under threat in Europe</h1>
<h2>EIFv2: Updated analysis available</h2>
The European Commission is currently trying to get a new draft
of the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) approved by
Member States. The draft gives rise to concerns that the
Commission is giving up its worldwide leadership in the use of
Open Standards, hurting innovation, competition and user freedom
in Europe. FSFE has updated
its <a href="/freesoftware/standards/eifv2.html">analysis
page</a>, comparing the current draft with previous versions, as
well as demands from a proprietary lobby group. Ahead of
<a href="http://documentfreedom.org">Document Freedom Day</a> on
March 31, FSFE is in conversation with EC and Member State
decision makers to make them aware of the problem.
Where the previous EIF included a relatively strong definition
of Open Standards, the draft revision which FSFE has seen
abandons the concept of Open Standards entirely. Free Software,
previously a central concept, has been relegated to a single
Background information is
available <a href="https://blogs.fsfe.org/gerloff/?p=324">here</a>. German
IT news site heise.de also offers
a <a href="http://www.heise.de/open/artikel/Weichgespuelte-Standards-fuer-Europa-966606.html">background
story</a> in German.
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