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<html newsdate="2010-03-02">
<title>Document Freedom Day 2010 - Free your documents, save your information!</title>
<h1>Document Freedom Day 2010</h1>
<h2>Free your documents, save your information!</h2>
Will you be able to read your documents 20 years from now? Every day,
millions of computer users like you edit text and spreadsheets, take
pictures and record audio and video. What if you couldn't read your
private letters anymore, or even open that album with pictures from your
honeymoon? What if you couldn't exchange those files with friends, because
the software used by each one of you can't talk to each other? To help you
make your documents future-proof, we celebrate Document Freedom Day on
March 31.
Any person can save documents in open document formats, which are based on
Open Standards, and be sure that people will be able to read those files,
independently of the software they use. Anyone can build applications that
read and write files in these formats. The Internet was built upon Open
Standards, and that's why you see so much innovation online.
On Document Freedom Day, we will raise awareness for Open Document Formats
and Open Standards by organizing activities all over the world together
with partner organizations and volunteers.
During the whole month of March, we will spread the word on open document
formats and Open Standards. We will publish information, talk to the
press, tell our friends about it, and spread the DFD logo all over the
There are many ways to take part on this campaign, so pick one and join
<li>Put a banner in your website, linking to DFD website. You can
find banners in our <a href="">Artwork
<li>Publish a blog post on Document Freedom Day, or Open Standards,
and spread the word about the campaign. Send us a link, and we'll
include it in the DFD website.</li>    
<li>Use your microblog to spread DFD news and articles! Tag them using
!dfd or #dfd2010</li>    
<li>Organize an activity in your city on March 31st. For ideas on
activities, check <a href="">the Document
Freedom Day website</a>.</li>    
<li><a href="">Donate money to DFD</a>.
Your contribution makes Document Freedom Day possible!</li>    
<li>Become a partner organization. Contact our <a
Team</a> on how to do that.</li>
Want to find out <a href="">more
about Open Standards</a>?
Document Freedom Day is about helping you to really own your data. You
shouldn't be tied to particular applications for living your life in the
digital world, and you shouldn't have to use any specific software to deal
with your government, your school or anyone else.
For more information on Document Freedom Day, visit our website: <a
<p>Fernanda Weiden<br /> DFD Campaign Coordinator<br />
Email: <email></email><br /> Tel:   +41 76 4021866<br />
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