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<html newsdate="2009-11-09">
<title>FSFE in battle for European interoperability</title>
<h1>FSFE in battle for European interoperability</h1>
<p>FSFE has unleashed an advocacy push in order to prevent the
European Commission from hollowing out an important European
reference document on interoperability. A draft for a new version
of the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) leaked to the
press last week.</p>
<p>Where the current version strongly encourages the public sector to
use Free Software and Open Standards, the draft threatens to
replace this with meaningless statements which leave the European
public sector at the mercy of proprietary software vendors.</p>
<p>As the EC was gathering comments from Member States, FSFE
contacted senior government staff across Europe, emphasising the
danger posed by the new text and asking them to reject the draft.
<a href="">FSFE's President Karsten
Gerloff explained</a> the importance
of the document, the problems in the draft, and the total failure
of transparency in the processes which led up to the current text.</p>
<p>Karsten Gerloff says: "FSFE will keep its eye on the ball as the
situation develops over the coming days and weeks. With the help
of our friends and supporters, we will work hard to fight off the
current threat to interoperability in the public sector. We will
seek the best possible result through constructive dialogue with
Member States and the European Commission."</p>
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