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<html newsdate="2009-10-23">
Solution for Oracle/Sun deal: Make MySQL independent
<h1>Solution for Oracle/Sun deal: Make MySQL independent</h1>
Oracle should agree to put MySQL in the hands of an independent non-profit
guardian, proposes the Free Software Foundation Europe. The Free Software
community could develop MySQL to its full potential, while Oracle would not
have to worry that a competitor could take over the database project.
"Competition in the software market is very important, because it
drives innovation", says Karsten Gerloff, President of the Free
Software Foundation Europe (FSFE). "The fate of a project like
MySQL should not depend on a single company."
By moving the MySQL issue out of the way, this would make it possible
for Oracle to quickly complete the acquisition of Sun Microsystems and
prevent further losses.
FSFE has published a detailed analysis of the problem that MySQL poses
for Oracle, and for competition in the database market:
<li><a href="">Karsten Gerloff's "The case for independence - Oracle, Sun and what to do with MySQL"</a></li>
MySQL is the stumbling block in Oracle's acquisition of Sun
Microsystems. With this deal, the biggest maker of proprietary databases
would gain control of MySQL, a large Free Software database project. The
European Commission is so far refusing to approve the deal because it is
worried about its effects on competition. At the same time, Sun is
quickly shedding money and jobs.
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