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<html newsdate="2009-10-06">
Microsoft antitrust case: FSFE offers analysis to European Commission
<h1>Microsoft antitrust case: FSFE offers analysis to European Commission</h1>
The European Commission is on the verge of settling two antitrust
cases against Microsoft. The details of this settlement will determine
how much competition there can be in Europe's software market for
years to come.
The Free Software Foundation Europe has analysed the most important
elements that a settlement should contain to allow real competition in
the European software market. It has summarised those key points in a
letter sent to Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes:
<li><a href="/news/2009/news-20091005-01.html">Open letter to Commissioner Kroes</a></li>
Kroes is looking at Microsoft's practice of tying its Internet
Explorer browser to its Windows operating systems, excluding rival
browser makers. She is also trying to persuade Microsoft to release
enough information so that competitors can make their desktop software
work with the company's dominant operating system. This is something
that Microsoft has refused to do in the past.
FSFE believes that a settlement on the browser case needs to put rival
browsers on an equal footing with Microsoft's Internet Explorer by
pre-installing them. Fast-growing browsers need to be included in an
unbiased selection screen.
For desktop applications, FSFE argues that the software monopolist
must release interoperability information in such a way that it can be
used in Free Software. The company must also make a binding commitment
not to enforce its patents against Free Software. That would prevent
Microsoft from using Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) to keep rivals
from making use of the information.
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