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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
  2. <html newsdate="2009-09-21">
  3. <version>1</version>
  4. <head>
  5. <title>
  6. Free Software hits German election campaigns
  7. </title>
  8. </head>
  9. <body>
  10. <h1>Free Software hits German election campaigns</h1>
  11. <p>
  12. The issue of <a href="/freesoftware/freesoftware.html">Free Software</a> has
  13. hit the run-up to the German elections. During a <a
  14. href="">campaign</a> launched by
  15. Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) politicians from many parties
  16. have recognised the potential of Free Software and Open Standards for Germany.
  17. In response to questions from supporters of FSFE, they explain that Free
  18. Software equals more competition, promotes innovation and provides cost
  19. savings.
  20. </p>
  21. <p>
  22. Free Software - such as the GNU/Linux operating system or the web browser
  23. Mozilla Firefox - can be used without restrictions, studied by anyone, be
  24. modified and passed on. "Free Software brings significant benefits for the
  25. economy" says <a href="/about/people/gerloff/gerloff.html">Karsten Gerloff</a>,
  26. president of FSFE. "On that basis Germany's small and medium enterprises
  27. are able to offer high quality services and create lasting value for our
  28. country. We are delighted that candidates are aware of this opportunity."
  29. </p>
  30. <p>
  31. Free Software is also an important prerequisite for equal opportunities in
  32. education. "Software is the cultural technique of the 21st century, "says
  33. <a href="/about/people/kirschner/kirschner.html">Matthias Kirschner</a>, Germany
  34. Coordinator of FSFE. "Everyone should have the opportunity to gain a basic
  35. understanding of this. It's good to see that FSFE's
  36. persistent work on this issue is paying off."
  37. </p>
  38. <p>
  39. Nevertheless, the parties lack a comprehensive approach
  40. for making the best of Free Software for Germany's economy
  41. and society. FSFE provides an <a
  42. href="">analysis</a>
  43. of the parties' programmes, along with the questions
  44. answered by the candidates. FSFE will continue to serve as
  45. a competent partner of politicians and everybody
  46. interested in the potential of Free Software.
  47. </p>
  48. </body>
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