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<html newsdate="2009-05-15">
<title>FSFE seeking legal department coordinator and staff members</title>
<h1>FSFE seeking legal department coordinator and staff members</h1>
<h2>Job description</h2>
<p>FSFE was established in 2001 as a multi-cultural distributed
organisation with volunteers and staff distributed across various
European countries. Its approach is that of a result driven NGO with
emphasis on constructive dialogue for lasting political and legal
change. As an environment FSFE has grown out of the Free Software
community and is ideally suited to motivated individuals capable of
driving projects and initiatives forward.</p>
<p>FSFE is seeking applicants for coordinator and staff
positions in our legal department, the Freedom Task Force. The FTF coordinator
and staff work in cooperation with a mixed team of volunteers and employees to
support FSFE's mission.</p>
<li>Organising FSFE's legal activities, primarily through providing FSFE with
strategic and tactical guidance regarding legal situations in Europe;</li>
<li>Answering questions submitted to the FTF through email and the online
<li>Delivering training courses on Free Software licensing and related
<li>Delivering consultancy on Free Software licensing and related topics;</li>
<li>Facilitating and expanding the European Legal Network maintained by
<li>Driving documentation and communication initiatives through the European
Legal Network to create generic knowledge for the Free Software community as a
<li>Facilitating meetings and conferences for European Free Software
<li>Delivering speeches and engaging with panels at conferences to spread the
word about FTF activities and services.</li>
<h2>Required qualifications:</h2>
<li>Coordinative abilities</li>
<li>Negotiation abilities</li>
<li>Business experience</li>
<li>Knowledge of the Free Software Community</li>
<li>Personal and professional reliability</li>
<li>The ability to speak confidently in public</li>
<li>An understanding of computing technology</li>
<li>Proficiency in Free Software (GNU/Linux,</li>
<li>Fluent English</li>
<h2>Useful experience would include:</h2>
<li>Experience with team work</li>
<li>Experience in dealing with deadlines</li>
<li>Experience in small team management</li>
<li>Two years practical work experience in coordination or technology</li>
<li>An understanding of German</li>
<h2>It would be beneficial to have:</h2>
<li>An interest in understanding how licences work and why</li>
<li>An interest in understanding how law works (but not specific items)</li>
<li>An interest in understanding how Free Software projects work</li>
<li>An interest in understanding how businesses work</li>
<li>An understanding of French and/or Spanish</li>
<h2>Working Conditions</h2>
<li>The FTF coordinator and staff usually work from an office environment, but
the mission of the organization may sometimes take them to non standard
workplaces. Work from the home office is possible.</li>
<li>The FTF coordinator and staff usually work a standard work week, but
additionally will regularly have work on evenings, weekends, and overtime
hours to accommodate activities such as meetings of the General Assembly and
representing the organisation at public events.</li>
<li>FTF roles provide many opportunities to work in a stimulating environment
with people from different cultures on relevant issues that will continue to
affect our societies for the decades to come.</li>
<li>FSFE is unique in its structure and work as a decentralised international
organisation with different activities and a mix of enthusiastic volunteers
and staff in various countries.</li>
<li>FSFE offers the opportunity to meet people from different areas of
competency, and the chance to learn much about a variety of areas, such as
technology, politics, and law.</li>
<li>FSFE provides a high-responsibility and high-opportunity environment for
people who like to work self-motivated and enjoy to shape their own working
environment and projects to a high degree.</li>
<h2>Further Information</h2>
<li> FSFE's financial development over the past years is available at
<a href="/about/funds/funds.html"></a></li>
<h2>How to apply</h2>
<p>If you are interested in the position, please direct your
application to the FSFE Executive Council at council -- AT --, including a current CV and a letter of
motivation. Please provide all information
in <a href="/freesoftware/standards/">Open Standards</a>
and <a href="">do
not send Microsoft Word documents</a>.</p>
<p>We will review all applications and seek personal interviews with
the most promising applicants.</p>
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