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<html newsdate="2009-03-01">
<title>Fellowship vote for GA seats – Call for nominations</title>
<h1>Fellowship vote for GA seats – Call for nominations</h1>
<p>The election for the first Fellowship seat in FSFE's
General Assembly will finish on 1 June in time for the next general
assembly, which is scheduled for 19-21 June in Miraflores de la Sierra,
<p>Now is the time to prepare for elections, which will provide the
Fellowship with a direct representation in FSFE's strategic decision
making body.</p>
<p>As you might have read there are two seats. The elections this year are
for the first seat, while the second seat will come up next year. Those
elected will serve a two year term and there will thus be one election
per year from now on.</p>
<p>The Fellowship representative will be serving as an full member of the
General Assembly with all rights and obligations of other members. To get an
idea of the people the new elected representative will be working with, you can
take a look at <a href="/about/team.html">the
members page</a>.</p>
<dt>Who can vote?</dt>
<dd>All registered Fellows can vote.</dd>
<dt>Who can be elected?</dt>
<dd>To be a candidate, you need to have been an active Fellow for at least a
year before the election to make sure that the people elected into the GA are
familiar with the organisation and its work.</dd>
<dt>Election Platform</dt>
<dd>All candidates should use the <a
href="">wiki</a> and/or <a
href="">blog</a> as a promotion platform, so that
it will be possible for their Fellow voters to know them. (Fellows can also
choose to make the wiki page only visible for other Fellows).</dd>
<dt>Voting System</dt>
<dd>For the voting process we will use the Schulze
method, a popular voting system used by Debian, Wikimedia and others. It's a
well tested method and has proven to be resistant to voting anomalies.</dd>
<p>To become a candidate, please send an e-mail, <strong>no later than 31
March</strong>, to <a
href=""></a> with the
subject line <em>"Candidate Fellowship seat"</em>. In the email you should
state that you want to run for election to the GA along with information about
yourself, which we can use to compile the list of candidates for all
<p>You can only register yourself as a candidate. If you know other Fellows
that you consider would be good candidates, please motivate them to
<p>If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact Fellowship
Coordinator Matthias Kirschner via <a
<p>For reference please see:</p>
<li>Our announcement <a
adds Fellowship representation to General Assembly"</a> from 10
December 2008.</li>
<li><a href="/about/legal/constitution.html">FSFE's
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