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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
  2. <newsset>
  3. <version>1</version>
  4. <news date="2006-05-19">
  5. <title>Europe to host 3rd International GPLv3 Conference: Barcelona, Spain, June 22nd &amp; 23rd</title>
  6. <body>
  7. <p>
  8. The conference will take place in Barcelona,
  9. Spain, and the exact venue will be announced soon. In January, a
  10. year-long public consultation process for updating the GNU
  11. General Public License was launched. Commonly called "the GPL",
  12. this licence is used by the majority of Free Software to detail
  13. the distribution terms of the software.
  14. </p>
  15. </body>
  16. <link></link>
  17. </news>
  18. </newsset>