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  4. <title>Legal issues with Free Software</title>
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  7. <h1>Legal issues with Free Software</h1>
  8. <p>This section is intended to provide general information about software licensing and the different existing Free Software licenses. If you are interested in more precise advise on how to release a product under a Free Software license, please reach out to <a href="/activities/ftf">FSFE’s Legal Team</a>.</p>
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  10. <h2>To go further:</h2>
  11. <ul><li><a href="/activities/ftf/faq-what-is-licensing.en.html">What is software licensing</a></li>
  12. <li><a href="/activities/ftf/building-legal-infrastructure.en.html">Building Legal infrastructure for your Free Software project</a></li>
  13. <li><a href="/activities/ftf/documentation.en.html">Legal documentation assembled by FSFE Legal Team</a></li>
  14. <li><a href="/freesoftware/legal/flashingdevices.html">Does rooting your device (e.g. an Android phone) and replacing its operating system with something else void your statutory warranty, if you are a consumer?</a></li>
  15. <li><a href="/campaigns/swpat/how-the-eu-patent-system-works.html">How the European patent system works</a></li>
  16. </ul>
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