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  5. Free Software Foundation Europe - Events - Georg Greve in South America
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  9. <h1>Georg Greve in South America</h1>
  10. <p>From <b>May 20th, 2004</b> until <b>June 10th, 2004</b>, <a
  11. href="/about/greve/">Georg Greve</a> was touring South America,
  12. visiting the local Free Software community in Argentina, Uruguay and
  13. Brazil to support them in their struggle for freedom and share
  14. experiences collected in the work of the FSFE.</p>
  15. <p>His public activities included an interview for Argentina's most
  16. important newspaper, articles in one of the most popular papers in
  17. Porto Alegre, Brazil and public speeches such as a speech at the
  18. University of Cordoba about Free Software in Education. He was
  19. keynote speaker at the first national Argentinian congress on Free
  20. Software organised by USUARIA in Buenos Aires and the international
  21. Free Software Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil.</p>
  22. <p>As laws about Free Software in education and the public sector are
  23. increasingly being discussed, Georg Greve also spoke to the national
  24. parliament of Uruguay in Montevideo and the senate of the province of
  25. Buenos Aires, Argentina to support these initiatives.</p>
  26. <p>After visiting the foreign ministry in Brasilia, Brazil and giving
  27. a speech at the Banco Central do Brasil, he made his way back to
  28. Europe.</p>
  29. <p>Personally he most valued the chance to get a first hand impression
  30. on how Latin America is using the freedom of Free Software to address
  31. social issues and problems. A prominent example are the "Telecentros"
  32. in Brazil which are set up in camps of the Landless Workers Movement
  33. and other areas with little hope in order to give people a way of
  34. acquiring skills, getting new perspectives, gaining a voice and
  35. building a community to work for social change.</p>
  36. <p>We expect this trip to help and support the local Free Software
  37. community in their work and contribute towards building a global
  38. network of Free Software organisations, of which FSFE will be one
  39. part.</p>
  40. <h3>Pictures</h3>
  41. <ul>
  42. <li>National Congress, Montevideo, Uruguay<p class="indent">
  43. <a href="congress_uy.png"><img src="congress_uy_tn.png" alt="National Congress"/></a>
  44. </p>
  45. </li>
  46. <li>Free Software Forum, Porto Alegre, Brazil<p class="indent">
  47. <a href="greve-fisl.png"><img src="greve-fisl_tn.png" alt="Free Software Forum"/></a>
  48. </p>
  49. </li>
  50. <li>Telecentro, Sao Paulo, Brazil<p class="indent">
  51. <a href="telecentro.png"><img src="telecentro_tn.png" alt="Telecentro"/></a>
  52. <a href="telecentro-team.png"><img src="telecentro-team_tn.png" alt="Telecentro Team"/></a>
  53. <a href="inside-telecentro.png"><img src="inside-telecentro_tn.png" alt="Inside Telecentro"/></a>
  54. </p></li>
  55. <li>Ministry of Communication, Brasilia, Brazil<p class="indent">
  56. <a href="cm-brasilia.png"><img src="cm-brasilia_tn.png" alt="Ministry of Communication"/></a>
  57. </p></li>
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