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<title>Invest in Freedom: Support FSFE</title>
<h1>Invest in Freedom: Support FSFE</h1>
FSFE has been working for the Free Software community in Europe
and beyond since 2001. We have received terrific amounts of
support from our
<a href="">Fellows</a>,
<a href="/donate/thankgnus.html">our donors</a>, FSFE's
<a href="/contribute/contribute.html">many volunteers</a>, and the
Free Software community at large. Without
<a href="/donate/thankgnus-2009.html">you</a>, we would not have been
able to break
<a href="/activities/ms-vs-eu/ms-vs-eu.html">proprietary monopolies</a>,
<a href="/activities/swpat/swpat.html">fight off software patents</a>, and
<a href="/activities/ftf/ftf.html">build the Freedom Task Force</a> into
Europe's foremost expert group on legal aspects of Free Software.
At the same time, the threats that FSFE is fighting on your behalf
have never gone away. Many of us are still being forced to use
proprietary software. Closed standards build walls that Free
Software finds hard to break. Proprietary software companies
continue to push their interests in Europe and around the world.
The European Commission's past push for better interoperability is
sliding into reverse.
<div class="actionbox">
<p>For individuals:</p>
<a href="">Donate now</a>
<a href="">Join the Fellowship</a>
<p>For companies:</p>
<a href="">Donate now</a>
<a href="/com-pkg/com-pkg.html">Buy professional services</a>
To help us fight those threats and keep going strong in these
difficult economic times, FSFE is asking for your continued
support. Now, more than ever, is the time to push ahead for Free
Software. As budgets are being cut everywhere, more and more
organisations are seriously thinking about alternatives to
non-free programs. There are many policy makers who have
understood the importance of open standards. Free Software
businesses benefit from this climate and are growing fast.
FSFE needs <a href="">financial</a> and
<a href="/donate/hardware.html">infrastructure</a> donations to continue
to operate and support the Free Software Community. If you've been
thinking about
<a href="">becoming a Fellow</a>,
today is the day!
To make supporting us easier, FSFE has also
<a href="/com-pkg/com-pkg.html">built a set of services</a> that
companies can purchase from us. Please check out the many ways
that you can use to support us. If you cannot find one that suits
your needs,
<a href="/contact/local.html">get in touch with us</a>, and we will
tailor a solution for you.
Thanks to your support, we've come very far together. Please walk
with us for another step on the way to software freedom for all.
<a href="/about/people/gerloff/gerloff.html">Karsten Gerloff</a><br/>
Free Software Foundation Europe
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