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  4. <title>Internships - FSFE</title>
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  8. <h1>Internships</h1>
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  11. FSFE is a charity dedicated to empowering users to control
  12. technology. We are working to build freedom in digital society.
  13. We operate in a lively environment of numerous volunteers from many countries
  14. and several full-time employees.
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  17. <blockquote>
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  19. At FSFE my time was always shared between learning and doing. When dealing with a task,
  20. I was encouraged to research background information and to understand the political questions
  21. underlying each issue. Curiosity is what an intern needs most.
  22. <cite>Lucile Falgueyrac, Intern 2013-2014</cite>
  23. </p>
  24. <p>
  25. Working at the Free Software Foundation Europe lets you get close to
  26. an amazing variety of topics and tasks. This diversity brings a lot of
  27. technical, organisational, social and political experience and skills,
  28. which are great to have for any Free Software enthusiast.
  29. <cite><a href="/about/jean/jean.html">Nicolas Jean</a>, Intern 2010-2011, Webmaster</cite>
  30. </p>
  31. </blockquote>
  32. <p>
  33. FSFE is looking for smart, motivated interns to join our team. We offer
  34. </p>
  35. <ul>
  36. <li>
  37. A truly challenging and exciting time with a dynamic NGO working internationally
  38. </li>
  39. <li>
  40. A close-up view of organisational and community processes
  41. </li>
  42. <li>
  43. A chance to take the initiative and put your ideas into practice
  44. </li>
  45. <li>
  46. The opportunity to meet and work with Free Software advocates across Europe
  47. </li>
  48. </ul>
  49. <h2>What you'll do:</h2>
  50. <ul>
  51. <li>
  52. Contribute to <a href="/work.html">FSFE's ongoing
  53. projects</a>, working with one or more of our staff and volunteers.
  54. </li>
  55. <li>
  56. Communicate with contacts from the FSFE community, NGO, industry, and public administrations.
  57. </li>
  58. <li>
  59. Coordinate volunteers and others in the work on various projects.
  60. </li>
  61. <li>
  62. General office tasks.
  63. </li>
  64. <li>
  65. Find your own strengths, and do something you care about.
  66. </li>
  67. <li>
  68. Other tasks outlined in the job description when an opening is announced (see below).
  69. </li>
  70. </ul>
  71. <p>
  72. </p>
  73. <blockquote>
  74. <p>
  75. FSFE is a stimulating environment to work in. There are few
  76. organisations where you can learn from so many perspectives in this
  77. international and interdisciplinary context. If you read my <a
  78. href="">blog</a>, you can have a good overview
  79. of some things I've been working on. <cite><a
  80. href="/about/roy/roy.html">Hugo Roy</a>, Intern 2009-2010, Fellowship representative 2011 </cite>
  81. </p>
  82. </blockquote>
  83. <h2>Basic internship facts: </h2>
  84. <p>
  85. When an internship opening is announced (primarily in our
  86. <a href="/news/newsletter">newsletter</a>), you will find more
  87. details about each specific internship there. Sometimes we offer
  88. longer internships, and other times we seek applicants with
  89. a specific focus (for instance students for summer internships).
  90. </p>
  91. <ul>
  92. <li>Duration: 3 months, full-time.</li>
  93. <li>Location: Berlin, Germany. </li>
  94. <li>Compensation: Interns receive a basic compensation, the
  95. amount of which is announced when an opening is announced.</li>
  96. <li>Requirement: The internship is open to EU citizens, and
  97. anyone else holding a residence permit and a work permit for Germany. </li>
  98. </ul>
  99. <h2>Who we're looking for:</h2>
  100. <p>
  101. FSFE interns are a pretty diverse bunch. If you are interested in
  102. working on the frontline of technology policy and activism, then
  103. you've come to the right place. You're fired up about a free
  104. information society, and you've already done something to tell others
  105. why freedom matters? Then this internship is for you. Your academic
  106. background and qualifications matter less than your experience, your
  107. will to learn, and your ability to get things done. We expect:
  108. </p>
  109. <ul>
  110. <li>
  111. Solid basic knowledge of, and considerable interest in, Free
  112. Software (required)
  113. </li>
  114. <li>
  115. Fluent English (written and spoken) is a requirement;
  116. a working knowledge of other languages is an asset.
  117. </li>
  118. <li>
  119. Basic acquaintance with working on GNU/Linux systems (desirable)
  120. </li>
  121. <li>
  122. Ability to be creative, responsible, and to multitask.
  123. </li>
  124. <li>
  125. Ability to integrate into a young, motivated and professional team
  126. </li>
  127. <li>
  128. No programming skills required. Programming is one of the
  129. few things you probably <i>won't</i> be doing during your
  130. internship, unless you're applying for a technical
  131. internship.
  132. </li>
  133. <li>We want more women to be involved in Free Software. That's
  134. why when there are candidates with equal qualification, we will give
  135. preference to applications from suitably qualified female candidates.</li>
  136. </ul>
  137. <blockquote>
  138. <p>
  139. Having no hacking experience but a strong political background,
  140. working for the FSFE was an amazing experience for me and the same
  141. will be true for everybody interested in software and users freedom.
  142. International collaboration, writing policy papers, contact
  143. stakeholders and taking care of community activities are just examples
  144. of interesting tasks to learn from and that are quite fun in FSFE`s
  145. friendly team.
  146. <cite><a href="">Erik Albers</a>, Intern 2012</cite>
  147. </p>
  148. </blockquote>
  149. <h2>How to apply:</h2>
  150. <p>
  151. When there's an open position for an internship, this will
  152. be announced in our <a href="/news/newsletter">newsletter</a>
  153. including information about the application deadline.
  154. </p>
  155. <p>
  156. <strong>Currently open positions:</strong>
  157. <ul>
  158. <li><a href="/news/2017/news-20171114-01">2018 internship positions as student interns</a></li>
  159. </ul>
  160. </p>
  161. <p>
  162. Each application must include, in English:
  163. <ul>
  164. <li>The reference number of the opening for which you're applying</li>
  165. <li>A letter of motivation</li>
  166. <li>A CV</li>
  167. <li>References</li>
  168. </ul>
  169. </p>
  170. <p>
  171. We do not generally accept unsolicited applications, but
  172. you can contact us at <a
  173. href=""></a>.
  174. Please <a
  175. href="">
  176. do not send any documents in Microsoft Word document
  177. format</a>. We won't read them. Best use PDF instead.
  178. </p>
  179. <p>
  180. We look forward to your application!
  181. </p>
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