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Max Mehl e22b923e17
http -> https
3 days ago
PHPMailer add form for reimbursement claims and credit card statements 4 months ago Some cleanup and e-mail alias updates 3 years ago move from Ulrike to council 4 months ago
mail-signup.php Update fsfe-cd URL 4 months ago
odtfill Replace /bin/bash with /usr/bin/env bash 1 year ago http -> https 3 days ago move pdfreaders 2 months ago move pdfreaders 2 months ago
perdiem.php semicolon as CSV field seperator; use German number format 2 months ago
promotion.php chore: update links on other filetypes 2 months ago
registerevent.php Fix operator precedence in date check. (#948) 1 year ago
reimbursement.php use semicolon as field delimiter in CSV 2 months ago
share-config.php Update to latest share-buttons (#1361) 4 months ago
share.php sync with latest share-buttons upstream 4 months ago http -> https 3 days ago