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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
  2. <html>
  3. <head>
  4. <title>I ♥ Free Software - Valentine's Day 2012 - FSFE</title>
  5. </head>
  6. <body>
  7. <div style="text-align:center"><a href="/campaigns/ilovefs/2012/ilovefs.html"><img alt="I ♥ Free Software" src="/campaigns/valentine/valentine-2010.png"/></a></div>
  8. <!-- <p id="introduction">Valentine's Day traditionally is a day to show and
  9. celebrate love with your beloved one. That is why Valentine's Day seems to be
  10. a great opportunity to show your love for <a href="/about/basics/freesoftware.en.html">Free Software</a>, as well as to the
  11. initiatives and organisations behind it, too.</p>
  12. -->
  13. <p id="introduction">Valentine's Day traditionally is a day to show and
  14. celebrate love. So why do not take this as a chance to show your love for <a
  15. href="/about/basics/freesoftware.html">Free Software</a> this year?</p>
  16. <identica/>
  17. <h2>#ilovefs day 2012</h2>
  18. <p>As every year, Valentine's Day will be celebrated on the 14th of
  19. February, which will be a Tuesday this year. Similar to <a
  20. href="">last year</a>, the FSFE is
  21. planning an online campaign to celebrate this day as an "I love Free
  22. Software" - Day. Additionally, there will be an <a
  23. href="/campaigns/ilovefs/2012/unperfekthaus.html">"I love Free Software" - event this year in the Unperfekthaus in
  24. Essen</a>.</p>
  25. <h2>Campaign: Spread your love for Free Software</h2>
  26. <p>Our online campaign aims at rising awareness to Free Software and the
  27. passionate, hard-working people behind it.
  28. show them that you appreciate their work – it could make all the difference!
  29. Others already did so, to get inspired you can <a
  30. href="/campaigns/ilovefs/2012/whylovefs.html">read why they love Free
  31. Software</a>. </p>
  32. <p>Of course, there are lots of ways to declare one's love... Here are just
  33. some ideas about how you can go public and proclaim your love to Free
  34. Software.</p>
  35. <ul>
  36. <li><strong>E-Mail/Letters</strong> Send active Free Software supporters a
  37. message thanking them for their work. Do not underestimate the effects of
  38. such a message. As many Free Software developers work hard for their projects
  39. without earning money, a big "thank you" / "love you" is like good fuel for
  40. their further encouragement </li>
  41. <li><strong>Microblog</strong> Especially on Valentine's Day, microblog about
  42. how you love Free Software, and use the Hashtag <!-- [dont't translate the
  43. comment] link either to or to the agregation of
  44. dents underneath--> <strong><a href="">#ilovefs</a></strong>. Encourage
  45. your friends to do as well, let us try to push our message in a high ranking on Twitter
  46. trends and hashtag timelines in and other blogging system. </li>
  47. <li><strong>Blog</strong> If you are a Blogger, blog about the "I love Free
  48. Software" - Day and the idea behind it. Get people attracted by the idea of
  49. Free Software.</li>
  50. <li><strong>Banners</strong> We set up a <a href="/campaigns/ilovefs/2012/banners.html">page
  51. showing different banners</a> that support the "I love Free Software" - Day
  52. and that are free to use. Some even come along with code snippets to easily
  53. implement it on your homepage or blog.</li>
  54. <li><strong>Promotion</strong> If you are living in Germany, please promote <a
  55. href="/campaigns/ilovefs/2012/unperfekthaus.html">our event in the Unperfekt-Haus in
  56. Essen</a></li>
  57. </ul>
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  61. <h2>Show your love - Individually</h2> <!-- unchanged paragraph-->
  62. <ul>
  63. <li>Hug a developer (Obviously better to ask permission first ; )</li>
  64. <li>Buy your favourite developer a drink. Or buy someone else a drink and
  65. while savouring it, tell him/her about your favorite Free Software
  66. application!</li>
  67. <li>Use your lunch break at work to talk with your colleagues about Free
  68. Software and why it is worth to support our movement.</li>
  69. <li><a href="">Send a book to your favourite
  70. contributor</a> and <a
  71. href="">support FSFE</a> at the same
  72. time.</li>
  73. <li> <a href="">Send us pictures</a> of how
  74. you are expressing your feelings for Free Software. We will publish them
  75. on our website, making a gallery of Free Software lovers from around the
  76. world! </li>
  77. <li>Wear shirts and sweaters showing your support for Free Software. If
  78. you need new stuff, you can <a href="/order/order.html">order some from
  79. us</a>, or from your favourite Free Software project. </li>
  80. <li>Money can't buy you love... but it can help to fight for your freedom. <a
  81. href="/donate/donate.html">Donate to FSFE</a> or <a
  82. href="">another Free
  83. Software initiative</a> to express your gratitude. They depend on your
  84. contribution to continue their work. So check out your favourite organisation
  85. and make a donation. You can be sure they will love you back.</li>
  86. </ul>
  87. <h2>Related news</h2>
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