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  2. <html>
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  4. <title>FSFE 15th Anniversary - FSFE</title>
  5. <meta content="The FSFE is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year and we would like you to be part of it." name="description" />
  6. <meta content="free software 15 years europe open source anniversary video" name="keywords" />
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  9. <div class="image" id="badge" style="background: url('/campaigns/15years/fsfe-15-badge.png') no-repeat top left transparent; height: 233px; width: 233px; float: left; margin-left: -6em; margin-right: 1.5em; margin-top: -2em;">
  10. <img style="display: none;" src="/campaigns/15years/fsfe-15-badge.png" alt="FSFE 15 Years badge" />
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  12. <h1>FSFE's 15th Anniversary!</h1>
  13. <div id="introduction">
  14. <p>
  15. <!-- The FSFE is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year and we would
  16. like you to be part of it.-->
  17. Since its foundation in 2001 we have achieved many things. The FSFE has
  18. been instrumental in a successful antitrust-case against a big software
  19. corporation that was intent on dominating the market of personal
  20. computers; we have managed to maintain software patents unenforceable in
  21. Europe, avoiding a veritable apocalypse for small and medium-sized tech
  22. companies; and we have worked alongside to get free
  23. licenses vindicated in German courts of law, setting ground-breaking
  24. precedents for the whole of the EU.
  25. You can find out more about the work we have carried out be visiting the
  26. <a href="/timeline/timeline.html">FSFE timeline</a>.
  27. </p>
  28. </div>
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  60. </center>
  61. <p>
  62. So we feel the need to celebrate. To do that we have organised a
  63. "<em>Get to know your Local Free Software Hero</em>" awareness
  64. campaign. The idea is we put community members in touch with the
  65. press in the region where you live. <em>Local heroes</em> can explain
  66. to journalists how the Free Software community affects the
  67. people near you, the benefits it has on education, the health system,
  68. the local economy and the lives of citizens in general. If you are
  69. journalist, blogger, vlogger, podcaster, or a private citizen who can
  70. help us get in touch with a media outlet, big or small, <a href="/press/press.html">get in touch
  71. with us</a> and we'll tell you who your local heroes
  72. are and how to meet them.
  73. </p>
  74. <p>
  75. The 15th anniversary theme will also feature prominently in our
  76. <a href="/community/events/2016/summit/frontpage">2016 summit</a>.
  77. We are holding our summit from 2 - 4 of September in Berlin this year,
  78. and we would like you to come. We have a
  79. <a href="/community/events/2016/summit/frontpage#business">first
  80. class line up of speakers</a> and we will be covering all the
  81. pressing topics concerning Free Software in Europe and the
  82. world. So <a href="/community/events/2016/summit/attendance#registration">save your
  83. place</a> by signing up on our
  84. <a href="">registration page</a>.
  85. </p>
  86. <p>
  87. But probably the most important thing you can do to make this year
  88. important for us is become a Fellow. If you would like to support us
  89. directly and become part of the FSFE please sign up
  90. <a href="/join">as sustaining member now</a>.
  91. There are no fixed fees, you can adjust it to what is convenient to
  92. you, and whatever you choose will help us keep software free.
  93. </p>
  94. <p>So, <a href="/join">become a sustaining member</a>, spread the word, and <a
  95. href="/community/events/2016/summit/frontpage">come to our event</a>!
  96. Whatever you choose will help us to empower users to control
  97. technology.
  98. </p>
  99. </body>
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  101. <h2>Related Links</h2>
  102. <ul>
  103. <li><a href="/join">Join the FSFE</a></li>
  104. <li><a href="/summit16">FSFE Summit 2016</a></li>
  105. <li><a href="/contribute">Contribute to our work</a></li>
  106. <li><a href="/timeline">FSFE's timeline</a></li>
  107. <li><a href="/press">Press Contact</a></li>
  108. <li><a href="/contribute/spreadtheword#15y-fsfe-sticker">Get the 15 years FSFE sticker</a></li>
  109. <li><a href="">Join our official birthday party</a></li>
  110. <li><a href="">Help us spreading the word</a></li>
  111. </ul>
  112. </sidebar>
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