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<title>Youth Hacking 4 Freedom</title>
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<h1>Youth Hacking 4 Freedom</h1>
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<strong>If you like coding, tinkering, and having fun with software and if
you are up for a challenge, we have something exciting for you: "Youth
Hacking 4 Freedom" (YH4F), the FSFE's hacking competition for young people
from Europe!</strong>
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Graphic by <a href="">Lisa Schmidt</a>, <a href="">CC-BY-SA 4.0</a> or later
<h3>Join Youth Hacking 4 Freedom</h3>
Are you up to hacking on a software project of your choice? Do you want to
meet like-minded people of your age from around Europe? What about getting
the chance to receive one of our cash awards and to travel to Brussels to
meet the other winners and great people from the Free Software movement?
Then join the YH4F competition! The only conditions for you to join are that
you are <em>14-18 </em> years old and you live in Europe. Start by
<strong>registering before Sunday, 31 October 2021</strong>.
We are dedicated to offering an inclusive environment in the
YH4F, and we would like to encourage teenagers of all genders to
join! We will make sure everyone will enjoy the process and will
leave this competition with added knowledge and a smile.
<h3>Decide yourself what you code</h3>
There is no set challenge or topic for the software you should develop.
Embrace your imagination and create what is the most interesting to you. It
can address an everyday problem you have, or it can be just fun. It can be a
standalone program that you write from scratch, or you can modify and
combine existing programs. <a
possibilities are endless</a>. A vital condition for the competition is that
the program should be <a href="/freesoftware/freesoftware.html">Free
Software</a>, so that others can use, study, share, and improve the code in
the future.
<h3>Take the time you need</h3>
From Monday 1 November 2021 to Thursday 31 March 2022, you will have five
months to come up with an idea for a Free Software program and write it.
During the <a href="/activities/yh4f/faq.html#2-coding-phase">coding
period</a> you will be invited to an online group meeting, where you and other
participants can briefly follow each other’s work, exchange ideas, and share
problem-solving tips. You can also communicate on your own, using the <a
room</a> in the YH4F space.
<h3>Present your program to top experts</h3>
Your software project will be in good hands, as it will be evaluated by Free
Software experts. <em><a href="/activities/yh4f/jury.html">Our jury
members</a></em> excel in software development and are deeply involved in
the Free Software movement. At the same time, they are excellent people to
work with. After you submit your program, you will have the chance to
present it to them, as part of your evaluation. This is a nice opportunity
for you to discuss your idea and your achievement with experienced people in
the field.
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<p>Do you have more questions before registering?</p>
<a href="/activities/yh4f/faq.html" class="btn btn-default">Frequently Asked Questions</a>
<h3>Awesome awards and experiences await</h3>
Based on the jury’s grades, the winners will be determined and announced.
The first six places will be awarded <em>cash between 4.096€ and 1.024€
each</em>. The <a href="/activities/yh4f/faq.html#4-award-ceremony">Award
Ceremony</a> of YH4F will take place in Brussels in June 2022. All the
winners will be invited there with covered costs. The Award Ceremony will
have top speakers in the field of Free Software and it will be a time of
celebration. You made it! Your hard work paid off. Now you can enjoy 2
educative and exciting days in Brussels and socialise with fellow winners.
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Forty years ago, Reinhard Wiesemann won a hacking competition for young
people. He used the money from his cash prize to advance his professional
development. Now Youth Hacking 4 Freedom is financially supported with
donations by Reinhard Wiesemann, Linuxhotel, and Vielrespektzentrum.
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Do you want to support the FSFE's work in inspiring young Free Software
hackers in Europe?
<fsfe-cd-donate-link class="btn btn-default">Become a supporter now</fsfe-cd-donate-link>
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Would you like to feature YH4F? Open our media kit and feel free to use
the illustrations found inside.
<a href="/activities/yh4f/media.html" class="btn btn-default">Media Kit</a>
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