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<title>FSF Europe - World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) - PCT Working Group Event - Dec 10th 2003</title>
<div align="right"><a href="">[ PCT Working Group Event Page ]</a><br />
<a href="">[ PCT Working Group Page ]</a></div>
<h1>World Summit on the Information Society</h1>
<h2>Patents, Copyright, Trademarks (PCT) Working Group Event</h2><br />
<h1>"Free Software, Free Society"</h1><br />
<p><b>Time: Wednesday 10 December 17H-20H</b><br />
<b>Place: <a href="">Room Cervin</a>, Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland</b></p>
<p>Software is the cultural technique of the digital age and access to
it determines who may participate in a digital world. Because of its
unique social, educational, scientific, political and economic
benefits and opportunities, <a href="fs.html">Free Software</a> is one
of the <a href="cs-benchmarks.html">essential benchmarks</a> of Civil
Society for the <a href="">World Summit on the
Information Society</a>. Listen to and meet leading global experts on
what is an essential building block for an empowering, sustainable and
inclusive information society. Get input for governmental policy
decisions and ideas on how software shapes the societies of tomorrow
with people such as <a href="">Richard
Stallman</a>, founder of the Free Software Foundation.</p>
<p>The event is publicly accessible without accreditation.</p>
<li><b>17:00</b> Georg Greve, FSF Europe, Opening Statement</li><br />
<li><b>17:05</b> <a href="">Lawrence Lessig</a>, <a href="">CreativeCommons</a><br />(Chair: Georg Greve)</li><br />
<li><b>17:35</b> <a href="">Richard Stallman</a>, <a href="">FSF</a><br />(Chair: Georg Greve)</li><br />
<li><b>18:15</b> Juan Carlos Gentile, <a href="">Hipatia</a><br />(Chair: Francis Muguet)</li><br />
<li><b>18:45</b> Pierre Ouedraogo (?)<br />(Chair: Francis Muguet)</li><br />
<li><b>19:15</b> Theo Bondolfi, <a href=""></a><br />(Chair: Loïc Dachary)</li><br />
<li><b>19:45</b> Discussion<br />(Moderator: Loïc Dachary)</li><br />
<li><b>20:00</b> Richard Stallman, FSF, Concluding Remarks</li><br />
<p>Wednesday, Dec 10th, the Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks working
group of Civil Society held its "Free Software, Free Society" event.</p>
<p>After Prof. Lawrence Lessig, who shared his visions for a Free
Society, the speakers shed light on their experience on building Free
Societies with the help of Free Software in South America and
Africa. This experience was complimented by the experience of the
Swiss NGO</p>
<p>Surprising special guests were Sergio Amadeu Da Silveira and Rogerio
Santanna of the Brazilian government, who told the audience about
their experience building the Free Software policy for Free Software.</p>
<p>As the final speaker and after his appearence at the governmental
high-level round table, Richard Stallman, founding father of the GNU
Project, vividly expressed the freedoms of Free Software.</p>
<b>START 17:05</b><br />
<li>Georg Greve, FSF Europe, Opening Statement &amp; Chair</li><br />
<li><a href="">Lawrence Lessig</a>, <a href="">CreativeCommons</a></li><br />
<li>Juan Carlos Gentile, <a href="">Hipatia</a></li><br />
<li>Sergio Amadeu Da Silveira and Rogerio Santanna, Brazilian Government</li><br />
<li>Theo Bondolfi, <a href=""></a></li><br />
<li>Pierre Ouedraogo, Organisation Francophonie</li><br />
<li><a href="">Richard Stallman</a>, <a href="">FSF</a></li><br />
<li>Georg Greve, FSF Europe, Concluding Remarks</li><br />
<b>END 20:15</b>
<p>Organisers : <a href="/about/people/greve/">Georg C.F. Greve</a>, <a href="">Loïc Dachary</a>, <a href="">Dr. Francis Muguet</a></p>
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