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SELF: Science, Education and Learning in Freedom
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SELF, an acronym for Science, Education and Learning in Freedom, was a
research project formed by seven international partners and sponsored for
a two year period by the European Commission. The funded period ended
in july 2008 and the project is now carried forward by the remaining
partners of the project, where the FSFE continues to monitor and support
the legal activities.
The SELF project created the embryo for an online environment for the collaborative
creation and sharing of educational materials and
demonstrated its use by collecting and putting educational materials on
Free Software and Open Standards into use on the platform.
When the platform is completed, it aims to support common operations such as the merging of
learning materials, reuse, adaptation, editing as well as collecting
learning materials into forms useful for specific courses. It will also
provide the necessary tools for the translation of materials into other
languages, and the use of materials in many different forms, such as
course texts, presentations, e-learning programmes, e-books, educational
audio and video, manuals and reference materials.
<h3>FSFE Contributions</h3>
One seminal role of the FSFE inside the SELF project is to take care of
all legal issues that may arise, as well as to form the Legal Expert
Group to handle such regularly arising issues such as new licenses and
legal maintainability of the platform. The legal work of the FSFE in the
SELF project is done by our
<a href="/activities/ftf/">Freedom Task Force</a>.
<h2>More Information</h2>
For more information and to join the SELF community, please visit the
<a href="">SELF project home page</a>
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