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<title>PDFreaders - Parliamentary questions</title>
<p id="category"><a href="pdfreaders.html">Free Software PDF Readers</a></p>
<h1>Parliamentary questions</h1>
<p>2 December 2011 - E-011374/2011 - Question for written answer to the Commission Rule 117<br />
Jan Philipp Albrecht (Verts/ALE) , Françoise Castex (S&amp;D) , Marietje Schaake (ALDE) , Christian Engström (Verts/ALE) and Francisco Sosa Wagner (NI)<br />
<a href=";language=EN">Copyright: European Union, 2011 - Source: European Parliament</a></p>
<p>Numerous EU public websites refer to proprietary software, like Acrobat
Reader, as the only possible way of reading PDF files, and provide a
download link. This is a case of direct advertising by public institutions,
which creates a competitive advantage for one company to sell its
<li>Currently, on how many of the Commission’s own web pages do such
advertisements appear?</li>
<li>Could the Commission provide links to these pages, as well as names
of EU institutions that have such advertising on their websites?</li>
<li>What are the Commission’s reasons (e.g. financial gain, lack of other
functional software, etc.) for advertising this particular software as
the only possible way of reading PDF files?</li>
<li>Have the institutions that have such advertising on their website
explained whether they have tried other PDF readers before? Which
software did they mention?</li>
<li>What steps is the Commission taking to resolve this problem regarding
a) the Commission’s own website, and b) the websites of public
institutions in Member States?</li>