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<title>PDFreaders - Model letter</title>
<p id="category"><a href="pdfreaders.html">Free Software PDF Readers</a></p>
<h1>Model letter to contact the institutions</h1>
<!-- Commented out references to the FSFE
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Free Software Foundation Europe e.V.<br/>
Linienstr. 141<br/>
10115 Berlin<br/>
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Your name<br/>
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Name of the institution<br/>
Postal address<br/>
<p>Dear Mr or Ms,</p>
Subject: Advertising for proprietary software on your website
We have <!-- Commented out because buglist will soon be closed
received a <a
href="/activities/pdfreaders/buglist.html">report that your
institution</a> -->
noticed that your institution is advertising a proprietary
software program. In the present case, you are advising users
of your website to download the proprietary PDF reader
<var>PDFREADER</var> from <var>COMPANY</var>, for example
on <var>URL</var> <!-- for the rare cases they promote Foxit or
another reader we can add that here -->. Even though this program
is gratis it is advertisement for a certain company, like
advertisement for a gratis test drive with a car is advertisement
for the manufacturer. So with this advertisement you favour one
company and its software over everyone else in the market,
distorting the competition in the software market.
One solution to this is to remove the advertisement from your
website. On
you can find a list of organisations, companies, and individuals
who support this request by signing the "Petition For The Removal
Of Proprietary Software Advertising On Public Websites". By
adhering to the <a href="/freesoftware/standards/def.html">Open Standard</a>
PDF, you make sure your documents can be opened by all programs
that implement the PDF standard, no matter from which vendor. If
you want to provide the visitors guidance, we recommend that you
list several PDF readers, by saying something like "to open this
PDF file, you need a PDF reader. You can download one of the
following programs (list is not exhaustive)". Both alternatives
are much fairer than recommending just one reader made by one
On you can find some examples of PDF
readers which you could point to on your website. All readers
listed there are Free Software, which means that everybody is free
to use them for any purpose, study how they work, share them
either gratis or for a fee, and improve the program. These readers
are vendor-neutral, and every company can sell the program, adapt
it for their own solutions, or make the software a part of the
services they offer.
If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about Free
Software and Open Standards in general, we remain available to
offer you our full support.
Kind regards,<br />
<!-- Commented out references to the FSFE
Karsten Gerloff<br />
President, Free Software Foundation Europe
Your signature