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<title>Free software as a World Cultural Heritage: action at LSM 2002</title>
<a href="">Libre Software Meeting</a> and
our working group sent an <a href="UnescoInvitation.pdf">invitation</a> to the
UNESCO Director General, M. Koïchiro Matsuura, to present the Free Software
community and give him copies of some of our work
(The <a href="">AbulEdu</a>,
<a href="">Debian</a> and
<a href="">GNU</a> projects to be more precise).
We got an answer from Abdul Waheed Khan, UNESCO
Communication and information department, telling us the Director General
wasn't available at this date
(<a href="UnescoAnswer.pdf">answer in digital version</a> and
<a href="UnescoAnswer.jpg">snail mail scan</a>). So UNESCO was
represented by M. Abdoulaye Diakité.
<em>"UNESCO has always supported the extension and dissemination of human
knowledge and recognizes that, in the domain of software, Free Software
disseminates human knowledge in a way proprietary software cannot do.
UNESCO recognizes also that the development of Free Software encourages
solidarity, collaboration and voluntary community work amongst programmers
and computer users."</em>
A round table took place with the participation of Anne Ostergaard from
<a href="">SSLUG (Denmark)</a>, Philippe Aigrain
from the European Commission, Abdoulaye Diakité from UNESCO, François
Pellegrini from <a href="">ABUL</a> as chairman and
Benoît Sibaud, coordinator for our project on the scene, as well as many
LSM participants in the audience. Sébastien Blondeel acted as translator.
Round table pictures:
<table width="100%" border="0" summary="">
<a href="RoundTable.jpg">
<img src="RoundTable-small.jpg" alt="PA, AO, AD and BS"
border="0" /><br />640x480 24 kB</a>
<a href="RoundTable4.jpg">
<img src="RoundTable4-small.jpg" alt="AO and AD"
border="0" /><br />640x480 26 kB</a>
<a href="RoundTable7.jpg">
<img src="RoundTable7-small.jpg" alt="PA, AO, AD and BS"
border="0" /><br />640x480 17 kB</a>
<a href="RoundTable9.jpg">
<img src="RoundTable9-small.jpg" alt="AO, AD and BS"
border="0" /><br />640x480 60 kB</a>
Jean Peyratout gave M. Diakité copies of French
distributions <a href="">AbulEdu</a> and
<a href="">
Debian Éducation</a> for education, Loïc Dachary a
<a href="">Debian</a> CDROM set and Richard
Stallman a copy of the <a href="">GNU</a> project.
CDROM gifts pictures:
<table width="75%" border="0" summary="">
<a href="Unesco-Educ.jpg">
<img src="Unesco-Educ-small.jpg" alt="JP and AD"
border="0" /><br />640x480 26 kB</a>
<a href="Unesco-Debian2.jpg">
<img src="Unesco-Debian2-small.jpg" alt="LD and AD"
border="0" /><br />350x341 77 kB</a>
<a href="Unesco-GNU.jpg">
<img src="Unesco-GNU-small.jpg" alt="RMS and AD"
border="0" /><br />738x542 42 kB</a>
Then Benoît Sibaud did a presentation of our working group, its objectives
and progress. <a href="slides/plan">Slides "Libre software, Patrimony
of mankind in English"</a>.
Presentation pictures:
<table width="50%" border="0" summary="">
<a href="Presentation3.jpg">
<img src="Presentation3-small.jpg" alt="BS"
border="0" /><br />640x480 62 kB</a>
<a href="Presentation4.jpg">
<img src="Presentation4-small.jpg" alt="BS"
border="0" /><br />640x480 72 kB</a>
The presentation was followed by a speech from Mr Diakité and a discussion
about Free Software and World Heritage.
LSM organisation (thanks to Alix Guillard) produced a
<a href="press-release.html">press release</a>.
<!-- published on many <a href="pressbook/">websites.</a> -->
Mr Diakité official report is available on the
<a href="">UNESCO free software portal</a>.
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