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This page should describe the LLW.
It is intended for participants and prospective participants to have an idea of what the event is about.
Ideally it should include links to publicly available materials on the past editions.
<title>The Free Software Legal and Licensing Workshop</title>
<p id="category"><a href="/activities/ln/ln.html">The Legal Network</a></p>
<h1>The Free Software Legal and Licensing Workshop</h1>
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The Free Software Legal and Licensing Workshop (also known as the
LLW) is organized every year by the FSFE to allow legal experts
to discuss legal issues and best practices surrounding Free
Software licences. This event has become the world’s foremost
gathering of lawyers, technologists, and thought leaders on Free
Software legal and licensing topics. With up to three days of
talks in an informal and confidential atmosphere, the Workshop
advances the state of the art of knowledge on topics ranging from
license compliance to patent management, from project governance
to corporate responsibility and even further to the cutting edge
issues themselves.
Participation in the LLW provides legal professionals not only
the opportunity to share knowledge and updates on the topics they
are working on, but also a chance to meet and get acquainted with
each other. These two aspects, combined, foster better license
compliance by spreading best practices. The conference also
provides a forum for different professionals to better understand
each other, thus reducing the overall friction in the sector.
Participation in the LLW is open to all Legal Network members.
Invitations might be extended to non-members. If you think you
might qualify, please send an e-mail directly to the Legal
Coordinator, or to <a href="/contact/">our contact address</a>.
As with the Legal Network mailing list, the LLW is subject to the
Legal Network’s <a href="/activities/ln/rules.html#coc">Code of Conduct</a> and <a href="">the Chatham House Rule</a>.
This page will provide you with <a
href="/activities/ln/llw-past.html">information about past
editions of the LLW</a>.
<description>Details on the most prominent event on Free Software legal topics</description>