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  2. <html>
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  4. <title>Services - FSFE Legal</title>
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  7. <p id="category"><a href="/activities/ftf/activities.html">Legal activities</a></p>
  8. <h1>Educational Outreach</h1>
  9. <p id="introduction">FSFE provides education and outreach services to Free Software projects.</p>
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  12. <h3>Administrative Support</h3>
  13. <p>The FSFE can help <a href="/activities/ftf/licence-questions.html">answer questions</a> about Free Software licence adoption or use. Our services in this area range from describing the type of formal structures that can make using code easier through to assisting with community relations or resolving issues with incompliant code. We can also help you find legal and technical experts to provide specialised services when necessary.</p>
  14. <h3>Licence Compliance</h3>
  15. <p>The FSFE works with our partners at <a href=""></a> to resolve licensing issues that affect both commercial and non-commercial projects or products. Our activity in this sphere is purely educational and designed to help strengthen the long-term value proposition of Free Software.</p>
  16. </div>
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  18. <h3>Fiduciary Licence Agreement</h3>
  19. <p>The FSFE makes a specialised copyright assignment document called the <a href="fla.html">Fiduciary Licence Agreement</a> (FLA) available to the community at large. The FLA allows one entity to safeguard all of the code created for a project by consolidating copyright (or exclusive exploitation rights). We can assist projects adapt it for their own use.</p>
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