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  3. This page describes the structure of the LN.
  4. It is intended mostly for new members of the LN to know what are the LN structures and how to use them.
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  8. <title>The Legal Network - Structure</title>
  9. <meta name="description" content="Structure of the Legal Network."/>
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  15. <p id="category"><a href="/activities/ftf/ln.html">The Legal Network</a></p>
  16. <h1>The Structure of the Legal Network</h1>
  17. <p id="introduction">The Legal Network was originally a single mailing list. Over the years the needs of the group have changed and brought to the creation of additional groups that make the participation in the Network easier and more productive.</p>
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  20. <!-- LN mailing list -->
  21. <h2>The Legal Network mailing list</h2>
  22. <p>The core activities of the Legal Network happen through the main mailing list. There the Legal Network members can communicate with each other, ask their questions, propose discussions and test their ideas freely, inside the <a href="/activities/ftf/ln-rules.html">boundaries</a> defined by the Legal Network Code of Conduct, the Chatham House Rule and the general netiquette.</p>
  23. <!-- SIGs -->
  24. <h2 id="sigs">The Special Interest Groups</h2>
  25. <p>The Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are created when a number of members feels like a topic deserves special attention. SIGs have their own separate mailing lists and a dedicate Chairman that leads the discussion. Every activity of the SIGs is subject to the same regulations of the Legal Network. Due to their extremely specific topics, SIGs can invite non-LN members to join; such members will not have access to the Legal Network main discussions.</p>
  26. <p>The creation of SIGs is discussed among the other <a href="/activities/ftf/ln-rules.html#creating-sigs">Legal Network procedures</a>.</p>
  27. <!-- Mentors of the LN -->
  28. <h2 id="mentors">The Mentors of the Legal Network</h2>
  29. <p>The Mentors mailing list<a class="fn" id="ref-1" href="#fn-1">1</a> is an additional list that has been designed to help new members participate in the discussion. Members of the Legal Network that have a question but are unsure wether it is relevant or if it has been asked before, can contact <a href=""></a>; a small group of expert members of the Legal Network will receive the request and reply in private.</p>
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  32. <!-- Council of the LN -->
  33. <h2 id="council">The Council of the Legal Network</h2>
  34. <p>The Council of the Legal Network has been created to help the Legal Team with managing the Legal Network by providing the advice of expert members. It operates with a collaborative attitude and takes into account input from various sources, including the interested parties, prominent members of the Legal Network and the FSFE.</p>
  35. <p>The Council is consulted on the prospective evolution of the Legal Network and operates as an advisory board for the decisions taken by the Legal Team.</p>
  36. <!-- FSFE, LT and the Network Coordinator -->
  37. <h2 id="fsfe">The role of the FSFE</h2>
  38. <p>The FSFE acts as a facilitator for the Legal Network, providing technical infrastructure and coordination support. The day-to-day operations on the Legal Network are performed by the FSFE’s <a href="/about/team.html">Network Coordinator</a>, with the support of the FSFE’s <a href="/activities/ftf/legal-team.html">Legal Team</a>.</p>
  39. <p>Regardless, the Legal Network maintains its independence and the opinions expressed there do not necessarily reflect the position of the FSFE. The FSFE will not intervene to push the Legal Network towards a specific position and reserve its right to take different stances.</p>
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  42. <!-- Footnotes -->
  43. <h2 id="fn">Footnotes</h2>
  44. <ol>
  45. <li id="fn-1">The Mentors of the Legal Network is an experimental program. Its success will be evaluated by the end of 2016.<a href="#ref-1" class="ref">&#8617;</a></li>
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