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  3. This page describes FSFE’s Licence Questions mailing list
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  7. <title>Licence Questions - FSFE Legal</title>
  8. <meta name="description" content="Information about our list for Free Software licensing questions."/>
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  12. <p id="category"><a href="/activities/ftf/activities.html">Legal activities</a></p>
  13. <h1>The Licence Questions mailing list</h1>
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  15. <p>The Licence Questions mailing list is our group of volunteers dedicated to provide help with Free Software licences and compliance.</p>
  16. <p>If you need advice on what Free Software licence you should use or if you want to know more about what rights you have over a piece of Free Software you have come to the right place. You can contact us by sending a message to <a href=""></a>. The members of the Licence Questions mailing list are from different countries and can probably provide you with a reply in you native language. To ensure that you get a faster reply, it is advisable to write in English, as that is the language in which the internal discussions are held.</p>
  17. <p>Please understand that, as an NGO, the FSFE is neither in a position nor allowed to give legal advice. If that is what your situation requires, we will be glad to use the FSFE’s extensive legal contacts<a class="fn" id="ref-1" href="#fn-1">1</a> to point you to a specialised lawyer in your jurisdiction.</p>
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  19. <p>The Licence Questions mailing list is composed of around 20 volunteers that are experts in Free Software legal matters selected directly by FSFE. We consider the information shared in such list confidential and we will not share it with anyone outside this list.</p>
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  21. <p>Due to high levels of spam, we have to moderate all incoming message. If you receive a warning after posting to the list, please ignore it: your email will be accepted by our moderator shortly after. Once an enquiry reaches the list, our experts discuss it internally; this might take different amounts of time depending on the complexity of the question. When the list reaches a general consensus, we will write you directly with our answer.</p>
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  23. <h2>How to join</h2>
  24. <p>If you have some experience with copyright issues and would like to join our group of volunteers please write a short introduction to the <a href="/about/team.html">Legal Team Coordinator</a>.</p>
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  26. <h2 id="fn">Footnotes</h2>
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  28. <li id="fn-1">The FSFE has extensive legal contacts in Europe, and can help locate legal experts in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The FSFE can also provide introductions to experts in Australia, Canada, China, Israel, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and the USA.<a href="#ref-1" class="ref">&#8617;</a></li>
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