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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  2. <html>
  3. <head>
  4. <title>About - FSFE Legal</title>
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  9. <a id="moreinfo" href="/activities/ftf/ftf.html">FSFE Legal</a>
  10. <h1>About FSFE's Legal Work</h1>
  11. <p class="background"> FSFE is committed to helping individuals, projects,
  12. businesses and government agencies find Free Software legal information,
  13. experts and support. We do this by providing <b>compliance</b>, <b>best
  14. practice</b>, <b>procurement</b> and <b>governance</b> resources
  15. in-house, in partnership with our associate organisations and through our
  16. extensive network of contacts. Our mission is to spread knowledge, solve
  17. problems and encourage the long-term growth of Free Software. We are
  18. delighted to help you as part of this. </p>
  19. <h2>Supporting Compliance</h2>
  20. <p>FSFE provides support to users, vendors, and government agencies regarding
  21. commercial and non-commercial use of Free Software. We also help people who
  22. want to report a licence violation by addressing compliance issues in the
  23. market in partnership with</p>
  24. <h2>Supporting Best Practice</h2>
  25. <p>FSFE supports best practice for projects, companies and government
  26. agencies using Free Software by encouraging information-sharing, hosting
  27. events and answering questions directly.</p>
  28. <h2>Supporting Governance</h2>
  29. <p>FSFE provides one-to-one consultancy for projects and business about
  30. management processes, development policies and organizational structures that
  31. support Free Software.</p>
  32. <h2>Supporting Procurement</h2>
  33. <p>FSFE provides one-to-one consultancy to government agencies about
  34. procurement and public tender approaches that allow fair competition, choice
  35. and access for Free Software.</p>
  36. <h2>Networking Experts</h2>
  37. <p>FSFE facilitates the world's largest private, neutral network of legal
  38. experts in the field of Free Software licensing. This network drives
  39. discussions and develops knowledge around licensing and legal issues,
  40. providing a unique forum for driving maturity. We also run the European
  41. Legal Network Conference, a yearly event for debating, discussing and sharing
  42. knowledge about the current market situation and projected future for Free
  43. Software licenses.</p>
  44. <h2>Sharing Knowledge</h2>
  45. <p>FSFE maintains a collection of documentation on Free Software Legal and
  46. Licensing topics. It also produces guides and handbooks. </p>
  47. <h2>Developing Infrastructure</h2>
  48. <p>FSFE also provides educational outreach and copyright fiduciary programme
  49. services for Free Software Projects. </p>
  50. <h2>Contact FSFE Legal Today</h2>
  51. <p>You can contact FSFE regarding legal issues by sending a message to
  52.<br /> English is our preferred language, though we can
  53. accept and translate other languages as required.</p>
  54. <address>
  55. Free Software Foundation Europe<br/>
  56. Schönhauser Allee 6/7, 10119 Berlin, Germany<br/>
  57. Phone: +49-30-27595290<br />
  59. </address>
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