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  5. <title>FAQ - Bacula FLA</title>
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  8. <h1>FAQ - Bacula FLA</h1>
  9. <div id="introduction"><p>This is a list of some of the questions that we have been asked in relation to this matter. We will continue to update this list as required.</p></div>
  10. <h2>Table of Contents</h2>
  11. <ol>
  12. <li><a href="#Q1">What rights does the FSFE have to Bacula?</a></li>
  13. <li><a href="#Q2">Could the FSFE offer Bacula under a different license?</a></li>
  14. <li><a href="#Q3">What happens to the licenses that FSFE has already publicly granted? Are they also revoked?</a></li>
  15. </ol>
  16. <h2>FAQ</h2>
  17. <h3 id="Q1">What rights does the FSFE have to Bacula?</h3>
  18. <p>The FSFE holds the copyright to those parts of Bacula written by (a) <a href="/activities/ftf/fla-list-bacula.en.html">contributors who have signed a Fiduciary License Agreement (FLA) with the FSFE</a>, (b) contributors who have signed an FLA or copyright assignment directly with Kern Sibbald where those rights have been sublicensed to the FSFE by Kern, and where such contributions are not destined specifically for the Bacula Enterprise Version.</p>
  19. <p>In a <a href="/activities/ftf/bacula-agreement-2013.pdf">2013 agreement</a> between the FSFE, Bacula Project and Bacula Systems, the parties agreed that all contributions to the Bacula software were covered by an FLA either directly with the FSFE or Kern Sibbald, and that as a result of this the FSFE shall be considered the assignee of all copyrights upon any and all contributions to the Bacula software.</p>
  20. <p>The FSFE has published <a href="/activities/ftf/fla-list-bacula.en.html">a list</a> of the FLAs that it holds in Bacula first hand, but does not know what FLAs or copyright assignments have been made to Kern.</p>
  21. <h3 id="Q2">Could the FSFE offer Bacula under a different license?</h3>
  22. <p>According to the memorandum of understanding agreed upon when Bacula entered the FSFE FLA programme, the Bacula Project administrator (Kern Sibbald) will always have the last word of licensing choices within the scope of Free Software. As such, the FSFE cannot unilaterally decide to license Bacula under a different license.</p>
  23. <h3 id="Q3">What happens to the licenses that FSFE has already publicly granted? Are they also revoked?</h3>
  24. <p>All the users who have obtained rights thanks to the public licenses during the period when the FSFE has fiduciarily held the entire copyright in the project will remain effective, including the rights to redistribute original and modified versions of the software. Therefore, in practice, all versions distributed before 6th of March 2015 will remain fully licensed anyway. We take the view that public licenses like the GNU GPL, the GNU LGPL and the GNU AGPL cannot be revoked after having been applied.</p>
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  28. <h3>Related content</h3>
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  30. <li><a href="/news/2015/news-20150414-01.html">Statement on changed relations between the FSFE and Kern Sibbald</a></li>
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