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  4. <title>Documentation - FSFE Legal</title>
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  9. <p id="category"><a href="/activities/ftf/activities.html">Legal activities</a></p>
  10. <h1>Legal Documentation</h1>
  11. <p id="introduction">The FSFE wants to help people understand and use Free Software licences effectively. On this page we provide links to material from us and from other organizations that may assist when releasing code or working with the larger community.</p>
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  14. <h3>General resources:</h3>
  15. <ul>
  16. <li><a href="faq-what-is-licensing.html">What is software licensing?</a></li>
  17. <li><a href="reporting-fixing-violations.html">Reporting and fixing violations</a></li>
  18. <li><a href="building-legal-infrastructure.html">Building legal infrastructure for your Free Software project</a></li>
  19. </ul>
  20. <h3>GNU (L)GPL resources:</h3>
  21. <ul>
  22. <li><span class="external"><a href="">The official GNU GPL FAQ</a></span></li>
  23. <li><span class="external"><a href="">The FSF’s HOW-TO for using the GNU GPL</a></span></li>
  24. <li><span class="external"><a href="">The GNU GPL upgrade compatibility matrix</a></span></li>
  25. <li><span class="external"><a href="">FSF’s GNU GPL quiz</a></span></li>
  26. </ul>
  27. </div>
  28. <div class="box">
  29. <h3>Useful GNU GPL version 3 resources:</h3>
  30. <ul>
  31. <li><a href="/campaigns/gplv3/">Learn more about the GNU GPL version 3</a></li>
  32. <li><span class="external"><a href="">A quick guide to GPLv3</a></span></li>
  33. <li><span class="external"><a href="">The GNU GPL version 3 licence text</a></span></li>
  34. <li><span class="external"><a href="">The GNU LGPL version 3 licence text</a></span></li>
  35. <li><span class="external"><a href="">Translations of the GNU GPL and LGPL version 3</a></span></li>
  36. </ul>
  37. <h3>Useful GNU GPL version 2 resources:</h3>
  38. <ul>
  39. <li><span class="external"><a href="">The GNU GPL version 2 licence</a></span></li>
  40. <li><span class="external"><a href="">Translations of the GNU GPL version 2</a></span></li>
  41. <li><a href="useful-tips-for-users.html">Useful tips for users of GNU GPL version 2 software</a></li>
  42. <li><a href="useful-tips-for-vendors.html">Useful tips for vendors of GNU GPL version 2 software</a></li>
  43. </ul>
  44. </div>
  45. </div>
  46. <h3>Legal Network resources:</h3>
  47. <p>The Legal Network occasionally produces <a href="/activities/ftf/ln.html#outreach">public documentation</a> to help people explore and understand legal matters. These are discussion documents and the contents do not constitute legal advice or necessarily reflect the opinions of any contributor, including those of the FSFE.</p>
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