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<p>FOSS4SMEs is a two years (2017-2019) collaborative Erasmus+ project. The FSFE collaborates with five organisations with different geographical and work backgrounds to spread and extend the knowledge about Free Software. To reach this objective, the project is going to develop free online educational resources for managers and staff of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).</p>
<p>The learning course will be freely available to individual students (managers and staff of SMEs) and will be used by public and private bodies providing support, consultancy and training to businesses, which will be able to organize training courses using the results of the project. The project also aims to facilitate recognition and transferability of competences, thus mobility, by implementing the <a href="">ECVET</a> system to the professional profile of the FOSS Business User.</p>
<p>The FSFE's role is to contribute its long-standing experience in explaining Free Software. Besides doing that for the e-learning course, the FSFE acts as the project's Dissemination Manager to coordinate the external communication. Another emphasis is to make sure the results will endure the project time by taking care of a sustainable licensing and maintenance strategy.</p>
<p>The <a href="">FOSS4SMEs project website</a> contains further information on the roadmap and links to the learning platform as soon as it is released.</p>
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