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<title>Fiduciary Programme</title>
<h1>Fiduciary Programme</h1>
<p>The FSFE has in the past acted as the legal guardian of Free Software projects, under our Fiduciary Programme. The
Fiduciary Programme allows projects to use the <a href="/activities/fla/fla.html">Fiduciary
License Agreement (FLA)</a> to assign copyrights to FSFE, allowing the
consolidation and effective management of their copyright status. It allows
developers to focus on making great applications rather than dealing with
legal administration. Adopters of the FLA include KDE e.V. (KDE), which has been using the FLA as its preferred form for assigning copyright to KDE since 2008. The FSFE has in the past assisted KDE with their adoption of the FLA in several ways.</p>
As part of the Fiduciary Programme, the FSFE made sure that projects are in a strong legal position without being
prescriptive. The FSFE dictated neither project policy nor project management.
Unfortunately, FSFE is no longer accepting new projects under the
Fiduciary Programme at the moment. Nevertheless, you can still use customisable
versions of the Fiduciary License Agreement (FLA) in order to consolidate
your copyright under your own administrative umbrella. We have a page
containing customisable versions of the FLA <a href="/activities/fla/fla.html">here</a>.
For more information on how to set up and manage the Fiduciary Licence Agreements please <a href="/contact/contact.html">contact us</a>.
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