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<title>Alexander Sander</title>
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<h1>Alexander Sander</h1>
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<p style="text-align:center">Policy Consultant</p>
<p style="clear:left">Alexander has studied politics in Marburg, Germany. He has been an MEP Assistant in Brussels and the
General Manager of Digitale Gesellschaft e.V. in Berlin. Furthermore he is the founder of NoPNR!, a campaign against the
retention of travel data. He is an expert on digital rights and this regard also a Member of the Advisory Board of the
ZMI of the Univeristy of Gießen and the Initiative gegen Totalüberwachung. He is also a member of several other associations that advocate for
digital rights. Alexander consults national and European institutions, administrations and organisations, is available as an expert to the
media and gives lectures and workshops at international conferences and events. You can directly get in contact
with Alexander via <a href="">email</a> (<a href="">PGP</a>).</p>
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